Date posted: 30/10/2023

An Intimate Celebratory Evening for Members

Recognising Sunshine Coast members.

In brief

  • A summary of the night
  • Heartfelt tributes
  • Celebration with family, friends, and colleagues

The Sunshine Coast Committee held its annual Recognition Evening on Thursday 26 October at the Riverside Terrace, located within the Savvy Squire.

An Intimate Celebratory Evening for Members

Room ready for members and guests

With views overlooking Mooloolaba Wharf Marina, members and their guests were treated to an intimate evening complete with a candlelit banquet for the close-knit Sunshine Coast Chartered Accountants ANZ community.

An Intimate Celebratory Evening for Members

Shane Simmons FCA, Shelby Davidson CA, Paul Nogueira CA

The welcome address by Sunshine Coast Committee Chair, Paul Nogueira FCA, spoke to the endurance and nobility of the profession. Sharing words of advice for new members on work-life balance, Paul also extended his congratulations to milestone recipients for their ongoing commitment to the profession and their community. Rounding out his address with sage advice to attendees that the greatest testament to continued success into the future is collaboration and togetherness.

An Intimate Celebratory Evening for Members

Recipients: Christopher Elliman CA Phillip Matthews CA Shelby Davidson CA Danielle Smith CA Zachery Shave CA

Sunshine Coast local, Bob Grice FCA was also celebrated for 60 years of service to the profession. Representing the Chartered Accountants Advisory Group (CAAG), Bob delivered a heartfelt tribute and congratulations to all attendees for their achievements. The comradery and fellowship Bob touched on evident by the toasting of his achievements and prolific contributions to the profession by fellow members.

An Intimate Celebratory Evening for Members

Bob Grice FCA

Queensland Council Chair, Shane Simmons FCA closed out the speeches, speaking about the phenomenal achievements and accomplishment of the new members. He highlighted the worldwide community that they are now a part of, and the opportunities open to them because of their hard work and commitment.

To the milestone recipients, Shane shared his congratulations on their longevity and dedication. The Charge, led by Shane, had all members standing in reverence as they took their vow.

The evening of celebrations was a wonderful and heartwarming event, enjoyed by members, their families, friends, and colleagues.