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Accountancy Futures magazine - Why the human factor matters

Discover your role in the workplace of the future in the latest edition of Accountancy Futures magazine bought to you by ACCA and Chartered Accountants ANZ

In brief

  • The latest edition of Accountancy Futures explores the critical issues facing our profession just in time for World Congress of Accountants.
  • Discover the impact of the human factor as emotional intelligence intersects with technology.
  • Learn the opportunities that robotic process automation (RPA) offers the finance profession.
  • Understand why increasingly low levels of trust in business mean ethics need to be front of mind for all CAs.

As the accounting profession gathers for World Congress of Accountants, it's fitting that the latest edition of Accountancy Futures takes a look at the challenges facing the future of accounting and finance.

This issue focuses on real solutions to future-proof your business. Financial professionals are operating in an era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – and knowing how to act across a range of issues is essential to ensure your business is ready for tomorrow.

Elsewhere, the magazine explores the exceptional opportunities offered by robotics. For the CFO, robotic process automation (RPA) goes way beyond cost reduction. It promises improved controls, faster processing speed and better data quality – and the chance to transform the finance function.

And while we may be a decade on from the global financial crisis of 2008, it continues to leave its legacy on capital markets, the global banking system, governments and the accounting profession. As the global meltdown marks its tenth anniversary, Accountancy Futures looks at why ethics and professionalism continue to be the foundations of our profession.

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