Date posted: 29/11/2021 2 min read

Members message

Please be aware and follow the Government’s health advice on novel Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19).

Reviewed: Monday 17 January 2022

Please be aware that as of 30 November 2021, members, visitors, employees and contractors of Chartered Accountants ANZ must be fully vaccinated against COVID to attend CA ANZ offices or workplaces.

CA ANZ employees attending events, activities or workplaces will have shown that they are vaccinated.

CA ANZ has during the COVID-19 pandemic acted to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our people, members, guests, suppliers and contractors and to help protect the more vulnerable members of our community.

For all events and activities held outside of CA ANZ’s venues and offices, we will continue to take a pragmatic and risk-based approach to attendance.

Organisers will conduct a risk assessment for events held offsite which will be communicated in attendance information. 

Our position is informed by an assessment of public health orders, our own operational health and safety risks and the views of our people.

Teams from our Australian offices (apart from Perth) are currently working from home until at least 7 February 2022 based on our safety review as community transmission of COVID remains high. This means that our offices and Sydney Members Lounge will remain closed until at least this time.

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