Date posted: 13/11/2018 3 min read

A flight plan for your business – new podcast promotes CA brand

A new series of podcasts featuring media personality Ross Greenwood, is promoting the CA brand among SMEs. The third podcast addresses business planning.

In Brief

  • New brand campaign sees finance personality Ross Greenwood team up with Julie Hough CA in “The Network” podcast
  • The pair look at how CAs can offer valuable support to SMEs across a range of business planning issues
  • It’s a compelling message that reinforces the CA brand across the SME community

Thinking strategically is a must for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and in the third podcast in "The Network" series, finance commentator Ross Greenwood looks at the importance of business planning.

The podcasts are part of CA ANZ's new Driving the business behind your business brand campaign, which is reinforcing the Chartered Accountant brand across the SME community.

Joining Greenwood and sharing her expertise on business planning, is Julie Hough CA, partner in the Fordham Group.

Greenwood notes the old adage that business don't plan to fail but they can fail to plan. As Hough explains, having a business plan is all about "following a flight plan for your business." She acknowledges that businesses may make mistakes in their plan simply because none of us can foretell the future. But she adds, "A business plan is dynamic – it moves with the business. If you have no plan, you're in limbo and can't make a decision."

"We help you towards your end game."
Julie Hough CA, Partner, Fordham Group.

For SME owners, managing change can be problematic. That's where Hough points out the value of partnering with a CA, who can be a sounding board for decision making. "We challenge business owners to find their point of difference," she says.

Part of managing change is finding the right business structure throughout the lifespan of an enterprise. "It's about finding the best line of fit," notes Hough, adding that a CA can support SMEs as they move from one structure to another.

Greenwood also notes that business owners can be all-consumed by their SME, and Hough confirms the value of a CA's advice saying, "No one can be absolute counsel for themselves." She explains that business owners are better-placed to focus on what they do best when they entrust their Chartered Accountant to handle accounting, compliance and structural issues. "We help you towards your end game," she says.

The podcast highlights the expertise of CAs, and importantly, gives practical examples and anecdotes of how a CA can help SMEs reach their full potential. It sends a very compelling message to the SME community that a CA needs to be part of their support network.

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Hear Julie Hough and Ross Greenwood discuss how a CA can help SMEs with business planning.

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