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2019's top accounting firms announced

Find out Australia and New Zealand’s top accounting firms.

In brief

  • The Top 30 Accounting Firms in New Zealand and the Top 100 Accounting Firms in Australia have been announced.
  • The lists benchmark firms based on revenue and diversity
  • Lists and supporting editorial appear in the AFR, the NZ Sunday Star-Times and on Stuff website

Australia and New Zealand's Top Accounting Firms for 2019 have been named. Australia's Top 100 announced online by the Australian Financial Review (AFR), and published in print on 13 November 2019. New Zealand's Top 30 published in the Sunday Star-Times (SST) and syndicated on on 27 October 2019. The Top Accounting Firms Survey is a strategic partnership between Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand  and 9 Media (formerly Fairfax Media) to highlight the important contributions the accounting profession makes to business and the wider community. Find out if your firm made the list. 

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand  would like to congratulate all participating firms. 

About the survey:

Firms were invited to participate in a survey containing questions on revenue, pro bono work, sustainability, and technological disruptions and innovations.

The survey collected data from all kinds of accounting firms, to highlight the diverse and inclusive nature of the accounting profession, and their integral role in business and the community.

Data collected from participating firms have determined the revenue-based Top 100 Accounting Firms in Australia, and the Top 30 Accounting Firms in New Zealand.

The 2019 results are set to emphasise the role of accountants as trusted business advisers in a time of rapid technological change and disruption. Additional AFR and SST articles will draw upon the survey insights to report on industry trends, and champion the difference makers within the profession.

For CAs who want to keep pace of new solutions, technologies and insights in order to remain relevant and to shape the services they offer, join the CA Catalyst community here.

Australia’s Top 100 Accounting Firms

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Australia's Top 100 Accounting Firms Listing here.

New Zealand’s Top 30 Accounting Firms

To see full coverage of the Sunday Star-Times Top 30 Accounting Firms and the fastest growth areas in the industry in the past year, click the link below.

New Zealand’s Top 30 Accounting Firms Listing here.

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