About Michael Croker CA

Michael leads our taxation policy and advocacy work with federal and state governments and regulatory bodies in Australia.

He previously led the team that developed our tax, superannuation and financial advisory services training program.

Prior to joining us, Michael was responsible for the corporate tax law syllabus within PwC Australia.

Michael has also lectured on postgraduate tax at The University of Sydney.

Posts by Michael Croker CA

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  1. Fiddle or fix? NZ a guide for Australia's big tax questions

    The NZ and Australian Budgets head down different tax paths...

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  2. Interest deductions to be denied for holding vacant land

    There can be instances where borrowing to buy a land bank creates an interest deduction. No more says the Treasurer...

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  3. Tax agents on notice about personal tax returns

    ATO to get more funding to muscle up on individuals and tax agents...

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  4. Time to ask the question: is Division 7A too hard to fix?

    Division 7A is the ticking time bomb for many private companies...

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  5. The new Low and Middle Income Tax Offset - Prepare for lots of client questions

    How to explain the Federal Budget 2018 Low and Middle Income Tax Offset to clients...

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