Date posted: 04/03/2020 2 min read

Report – Positive future for financial advice

A new CA ANZ report finds strong demand for advice in Australia and New Zealand, with accountants often seen as the most trusted advisers.

In Brief

  • There will be an increasing number of older and wealthier people seeking financial advice in the future
  • Despite rapid demographic, technology and regulatory change, the future of financial advice is positive
  • Technology will play a major role in advice, but many people still want face-to-face contact and a trusted adviser

In a world of rapid demographic, technology and regulatory change, the future is positive for financial advisers, according to a new report from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Deloitte Access Economics.

In a world filled with an increasing number of complex products, many people feel overwhelmed and in need of an expert they can trust who can navigate a way through for them.

The Future of Advice report examines the complex trends that are driving the new world of advice and how they will affect the work of accountants.

"Despite some negative publicity and perceptions, people in Australia and New Zealand feel positive about the advice they receive, with four in five saying they feel more informed and nearly seven in 10 saying it makes them feel more prepared for the future."

Australians and New Zealanders seeking advice, on average, will be older and wealthier, which points to increasing demand for advice on tax, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments and superannuation.

Younger people need advice as they contemplate student debt, saving for a house and come into intergenerational wealth, and financial advisers will need to move with trends not just on the nature of advice, but with the digital channels through which it is delivered.

While technology is increasingly important, so-called 'robo advice', or online automated investment advice, is only one part of the equation. According to the report, only 12% of people have heard of robo advice, and a significant percentage still require face-to-face contact with an adviser.


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