Date posted: 28/11/2023

Build your valuation skills and be recognised in 2024

If you’re looking to develop your business valuation skills and profile, here’s what CA ANZ is offering in 2024.

In brief

  • Attend the two-day Business Valuations Workshop for emerging valuers
  • Explore the CA Business Valuation Specialisation program
  • Other CPD events and the bi-annual BV Conference will be offered in 2024

CA ANZ offers the Business Valuation Specialisation program, and a range of other CPD and networking opportunities for emerging and experienced business valuers. All offerings are designed in conjunction with the Business Valuation committee so they are relevant for valuers and tailored to appropriate levels of knowledge and experience. In 2024 offerings will include a two-day workshop, two education pathways towards becoming a CA Business Valuation Specialist, the Business Valuation conference and ongoing short sessions online and/or in-person. Find out what’s on offer below. 

Business Valuations two-day workshop 

Designed to build the knowledge and skills of emerging business valuers or to assist those with more experience who want a refresher, this intermediate workshop will be offered again in Sydney on 13 and 14 March 2024.   

  • During this face-to-face interactive two-day workshop, facilitated by CA Business Valuation Specialists Simon Dalgarno and Katy Lawrence, participants take a deep dive into valuation theory as they work through a practical case study and network with other valuers.   
  • The case study involves both the Capitalisation of Future Maintainable Earnings (CFME) methodology and the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) methodology. Participants are provided with an Excel model which they populate throughout the workshop. 

Find out what a recent participant said face-to-face about the workshop, and register here

Business Valuation Specialisation course 

This live online course offered in conjunction with Macquarie University is tailored for business valuers with at least four years valuation experience, and forms the experienced pathway to becoming a CA Business Valuation Specialist. The next course commences April 2024. 

The course is designed to cement your knowledge of valuations in a format suitable for busy professionals, it is:

  • facilitated by leading business valuers who combine practical experience with academic knowledge of business valuation practice in the Asia Pacific region 
  • designed as scenario based learning to build your valuation knowledge and enhance your skills 
  • offered live online to facilitate discussion between facilitators and participants regardless of location 
  • scheduled as weekly 2.5 hour classes over 6 weeks to fit the needs of busy practitioners  
  • assessed through a group-based response to a case study scenario to simulate the work place. 

As this course is for experienced valuers, all participants are required to submit a pre-enrolment form detailing their experience before being accepted into the course. So if you are interested, register your interest and submit your form now so you are ready to join the course in April 2024. 

Find out more and register your interest at Experienced Pathway.  

“Interesting and highly relevant. Very applicable to day to day.” 
Participant in the Business Valuation Specialisation course 

If you’re interested in becoming a CA Business Valuation Specialist but don’t have the prerequisite depth of skills and experience, you can participate in the Business Valuation Workshop to bolster your knowlege while you gain sufficient experience to apply for the course.  Alternatively you may be ready to undertake post-graduate study through the Emerging Pathway to becoming a specialist.  

If you’d like to discuss which option is best for you, email the Specialisation team to request a callback at [email protected].  

Apply to become a CA Business Valuation Specialist 

Chartered Accountants and Affiliates who successfully complete the Business Valuation Specialisation course or the post-graduate study specified in the emerging pathway are eligible to apply to become a CA Business Valuation Specialist. 

Being a CA Business Valuation Specialist can consolidate your reputation and enhance your credibility and brand in this field. It also means you are eligible to be listed as a specialist on the CA ANZ website Find a CA, making you more visible to potential clients and employers.  

Watch out for the Business Valuation conference, other online CPD and local networking sessions

The 2024 program will also include the Business Valuation conference (second half 2024) and ongoing short CPD and networking events.  Look out for more information on these in your emails or the Business Valuation newsletter. 

Business Valuation Workshop 2024 

This intensive two-day workshop will provide a practical understanding of the application of business valuations.  

Find out more

CA Business Valuation Specialisation Course 

Designed for experienced business valuers seeking to become a CA Business Valuation Specialist. 

Find out more

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