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  1. Peter John Calder Wilson CA

    Breaching NZICA’s Code of Ethics...

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  2. Linda Pang (Ling-Janin Pang Chang) CA

    Member guilty of conduct unbecoming an accountant, negligence or incompetence in a professional capacity, breaching NZICA's Rules and/or Code of Ethics...

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  3. Scholarship winner keen to make a difference

    Accounting student and scholarship winner Isaac Hughes believes education is the first step to making a better world and wants to make a difference as a Chartered Accountant...

  4. Acuity magazine December 2017/January 2018 issue now available

    The December 2017/January 2018 issue of Acuity magazine, featuring the pessimists' guide to 2025 on the cover, is now available...

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  5. Leading for diversity and success

    Harnessing diversity is more a journey than a destination, according to PwC Singapore Diversity Leader, Karen Loon FCA...

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  6. Changing accountants – how to make the switch seamless

    Practical guidance for the new and old accountant if a client decides to change firms, to switch efficiently and ethically. Based on learnings from cases that have come before CA ANZ disciplinary...

  7. Paulette Julia O'Reilly CA

    Misconduct in a professional capacity, conduct unbecoming an accounant, supplying false or misleading information to NZICA, breaching Rules and Code of Ethics...

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  8. Name not published

    Breaching Code of Ethics - Objectivity and Independence...

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  9. Name not published

    Breaching Code of Ethics - Professional Competence and Due Care, PS-1 Quality Control, PS2-Client Monies...

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  10. CAs attend international indigenous communities conference

    Highlights from a Canadian conference looking at prosperity for indigenous communities and attended by delegates representing Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Indigenous Accountants...

  11. The Future of Talent: Opportunities Unlimited

    As the world of work evolves, businesses need to bridge the gap between those skills they regard as important for future workplaces and those they are good at attracting...

  12. How banks can keep customer trust in the age of AI

    There are more questions than answers in the robo-world that’s coming our way, but with care banks can turn these into positives and still protect data...

  13. Annual Report 2017

    Provides an update on our initiatives and financials for financial year 2016/2017...

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  14. Shaping Australia's future

    The Quest for Prosperity: Shaping Australia’s Future, a joint publication from CA ANZ and the Legatum Institute...

  15. Shaping the future of our regions

    Revealing the story behind the improving prosperity rankings in Asia...

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