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Supporting better AUP engagements

New Zealand’s Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) standard is being updated to provide better guidance for users and performers of these useful engagements.


  • AUP engagements are a growth area as members seek to adequately and cost effectively serve their client’s needs.
  • APS-1, the relevant standard, is being updated to better support members and others using these engagements
  • Have your say on the proposals by 21 May 2018 via the Invitation to Comment

Are you a New Zealand member performing or using an agreed upon procedures (AUP) engagement? Would you benefit from more comprehensive guidance on what an AUP engagement is and what it offers? If so our latest Invitation to Comment (ITC) is essential reading. 

The ITC contains an exposure draft (ED) of a proposed update to the current New Zealand engagement standard APS -1 Statement of Agreed Upon Procedures Engagement Standards 1 (APS -1) which will also incorporate appropriate guidance, allowing the separate guidance statement APG-1 Guideline on Performance of An Agreed Upon Procedures Engagements to be withdrawn.

The update seeks to ensure that an AUP engagement is supported by clear guidance around its objectives and outcomes. The aim is to help members, clients and regulators clearly understand the differences and so choose the engagement type that is best suited to their needs. The revision has been comprehensive and, as a result, the ED has a different structure to its predecessor, and a proposed new name APS 1 (revised) Agreed Upon procedures Engagements to report factual findings

The new draft standard seeks to clearly differentiate AUP engagements from other assurance engagements. It explains what these differences mean for users requesting an AUP engagement and for members accepting, undertaking and reporting on one. Examples and specimen documentation provide further support.

Do you think the draft will improve the provision of these services without imposing unnecessary complexity? The ITC is open for comment until 21 May 2018 and while formal submissions answering all the questions posed by the ITC are welcome, so too are emails addressing specific issues. Your feedback is important if we are to develop a workable and useful new standard. 

And in case you are wondering why it’s a CA ANZ ITC and not an NZAuASB ITC there’s a simple reason. The NZAuASB’s current mandate only allows it to issue assurance standards and an AUP engagement is a non assurance engagement. These are therefore regulated by the NZRB on behalf of CA ANZ. 

Invitation to Comment

ED APS -1 Statement of Agreed Upon Procedures Engagement Standards 1

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Author: Liz Stamford, Head of Policy - Chartered Accountants ANZ

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