Date posted: 28/05/2019 3 min read

Member feedback boosts IR support for tax agents and account managers

The New Zealand Tax Team is working with Inland Revenue officials to resolve latest Business Transformation issues, reducing the impact on tax agents and their clients.

In Brief

  • The CA ANZ New Zealand Tax Team is working with senior Inland Revenue officials to resolve issues quickly
  • Inland Revenue is making changes to support tax agents and their agent account managers

Following Inland Revenue's latest Business Transformation release, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand's (CA ANZ's) NZ Tax Team have been having regular conversations with IR officials to improve the experiences of CA ANZ members, tax agents and tax payers.

Members have identified practical issues impacting daily tax processes.

CA ANZ's ongoing IR contacts have led to a number of improvements, including increasing the frequency of IR internal meetings to discuss known and new issues and to prioritise support, education, communications and issue resolution.

"There will also be changes to the top solutions for tax intermediary's website to include more issue details and a 'next update due' date for each issue," said NZ Tax Leader John Cuthbertson.

"In addition to this, there is now an archive on the page which shows closed and resolved issues."

"Our hope is by updating this page, there will be a more practical resource for tax agents using the new system."

Cuthbertson said some of the member feedback raised with Inland Revenue was to do with the lack of information, and practical details available to tax agents. This includes the information available on the 'top solutions for tax intermediaries' webpage.

Inland Revenue advises anyone still experiencing issues with the new system that are not on the issues and solutions webpage to continue to raise these with Agent Account Managers.

The Tax Team has had the opportunity to speak with many members around the regions over the past four weeks as part of our NZ Tax Roadshow, including on the Business Transformation Release 3 and the new website.

CA ANZ believes it is crucial that our tax system be simple to understand and comply with for taxpayers and tax agents and is continuing to meet with Inland Revenue regularly to provide feedback on member and taxpayer experiences of the new system.

The focus of this week's CA ANZ's National Tax Liaison meeting (which brings together CA ANZ staff, representative members from around the country and Inland Revenue) will be on addressing these practical and operational issues.

CA ANZ will provide an update to members following this meeting. John Cuthbertson will also be meeting with the Commissioner of Inland Revenue in early June to discuss the Business Transformation Release 3 delivery.

Cuthbertson thanked all members who provided the NZ Tax Team with feedback and examples in recent weeks. "These have been collated and shared with Inland Revenue as we've received them and raised during our regular meetings with officials."

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