Date posted: 11/07/2019 4 min read

Taxpayers should have an advocate

We asked members during our 2019 NZ Tax Roadshow for their views on what contributes to taxpayer ‘burn-off’ during the Inland Revenue investigation and audit process.

In Brief

  • CA ANZ is concerned taxpayer ‘burn-off’ is eroding trust and integrity of NZ tax system
  • Members told us during our 2019 NZ Tax Roadshow what they think contributes to taxpayer ‘burn-off’
  • The key challenges for taxpayers are affordability, process design and clarity, taxpayer perceptions, time, and Inland Revenue investigators

CA ANZ was disappointed that the Coalition Government’s response to the Tax Working Group report failed to recommend implementing a Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS).

CA ANZ has strongly advocated for a TAS as an independent “voice for the taxpayer” as we believe this would significantly enhance taxpayers’ trust in the tax system.

The Minister of Revenue, Stuart Nash, has signalled at a number of events since the response to the Tax Working Group report was announced that this recommendation may be reviewed.

CA ANZ is concerned that taxpayers are being ‘burnt off’ during, or leading up to, an investigation by the Inland Revenue and as a result, very few reach the formal dispute resolution phase. This burn-off erodes taxpayer trust and the overall integrity of our tax system.

In response to feedback we received from members during our 2019 NZ Tax Roadshow who observed this burn-off effect, we asked members to share their clients’ experiences with the Inland Revenue audit or investigation processes.

Thank you to our members who shared their thoughts, this information is invaluable to our advocacy in this space. We welcome continued comments and thoughts from members.

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