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Recent New Zealand consultations

Recent advocacy by Chartered Accountants ANZ in New Zealand.

In Brief

  • Recent CA ANZ advocacy activities
  • Recent CA ANZ submissions

CA ANZ Advocacy

If you attended the CA ANZ “Getting the most from your Membership” event in January either in Auckland, or online, you might have heard our NZ Tax Leader, John Cuthbertson discussing three of our advocacy priorities for 2020. 

Firstly, many of the items on the tax policy work programme focus on business, and particularly small business. The Tax Working Group made a number of recommendations that are reflected here. In order to support small businesses and start-ups, CA ANZ is advocating for these policy proposals to be simple, with low compliance costs and supportive of innovative businesses. Some of these measures have already been signalled, such as a review of feasibility expenditure, and the loss continuity rules, which are likely to be included in the first Tax Bill of 2020. 

Secondly, CA ANZ continues to advocate for a taxpayer advocate service to act as an independent voice for the taxpayer, and to help taxpayers resolve tax disputes. Our tax system works because of perceptions of fairness and trust in the system, so it’s crucial to support that. A recommendation from the Tax Working Group supporting such a service was not adopted by the Government, however following discussions between CA ANZ, Minister’s and Officials, further work has been undertaken, and we hope to see this progressed further this year. 

We are pleased to see that the OECD have supported the unified approach proposal which CA ANZ provided feedback on last year. This, along with agreements between France and the US to defer sanctions imposed on France’s unilateral digital tax, is a strong signal of progress on the issue of reallocating taxing rights internationally. CA ANZ strongly opposed New Zealand introducing a ‘stand-alone’ digital services tax, which Government signalled they would consider if the OECD does not make progress this year. 

CA ANZ Meetings and presentations 

Our National Tax Liaison group will have their first meeting of the year with Inland Revenue in February. This group brings together members from around the country to raise and prioritise practical tax issues affecting members on a daily basis. The Tax Team will also be meeting with senior Inland Revenue officials during our Tax Advisory Group meeting at the end of February. 

The NZ Tax Team is well underway in planning the content for the 2020 NZ Tax Roadshow. We’d love to hear from members what topics or areas would be of most interest to you. You can let us know via the poll in the NZ Taxation Group on MyCA or by emailing the tax team directly

Recently Finalised Items

CA ANZ has recently submitted on a number of items including:

In addition, our submissions on the following items will be available online shortly:

  • ED0207a: Charities
  • ED0207b: Donee organisations
  • Purchase price allocation.

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