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Recent New Zealand consultations

Recent advocacy by Chartered Accountants ANZ in New Zealand.

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  • Recent CA ANZ advocacy activities
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Recent CA ANZ Advocacy activities

NZ Tax Leader John Cuthbertson and Chair of our Tax Advisory Group Greg Haddon presented our submission to the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Feasibility Expenditure Tax Bill shortly before Christmas.

This Bill contains several key changes. CA ANZ have voiced our opposition to the proposed legislative approach to purchase price allocation rules. These do not align with commercial practices and will impact virtually all business sales – carrying an undue compliance burden and skewing the power balance between vendor and purchaser.  

We also outlined our belief the proposed feasibility expenditure changes are insufficient to ensure tax is not a barrier for businesses looking invest in new projects or assets. In our view the proposed rule should allow deductibility of feasibility expenditure incurred by an existing business to investigate new business processes and income earning activities.

Submission on Taxation (Annual Rates for 2020-21, Feasibility Expenditure, and Remedial Matters) Bill 

While this Bill covers a wide range of issues, our principle comments relate to purchase price allocation, feasibility expenditure, habitual buying and selling of land and GST on outbound mobile roaming services.

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Recent CA ANZ Submissions 

The NZ Tax Team has many simultaneous consultation projects in the first quarter, including a large-scale review of New Zealand’s tax avoidance provision. It’s been a busy start to the year with several submissions already filed including:

Upcoming activities

In February we have organised the Deputy Chair of our Tax Advisory Group and Inland Revenue Officials to present a webinar to members on the implications of the new 39% top personal tax rate. This is to ensure members are aware of the increased scrutiny that tax structuring will be subject to, now that a significant gap exists between the top personal and corporate tax rates. The recording of this session will be available on our website after February 19.

Our first Tax Advisory Group Meeting of 2021 is being held before the International Fiscal Association conference later this month.

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