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Recent New Zealand consultations

Recent advocacy by Chartered Accountants ANZ in New Zealand.

In Brief

  • Recent CA ANZ advocacy activities
  • Recent CA ANZ submissions

CA ANZ Advocacy

The COVID-19 pandemic response continues to develop and is keeping the NZ Tax Team on our toes and occupied. We continue to work with our Tax Advisory Group, National Tax Liaison Group and Government to identify areas of the tax response that could be clarified or explored.  We acknowledge that these are uncertain times for members and taxpayers and we are working to get concise information as soon as we are able. We encourage members to continue to ask questions on MyCA or to participate in our Sharing Knowledge member webinar sessions.

We are currently hearing from a huge number of members with questions or feedback regarding COVID-19 tax measures. Since early March, the number of queries we receive has increased by more than 150 per cent.  You can help us respond to your query promptly by sending an email to the NZ Tax Team with a short explanation of your question. Please note that as an advocacy team we cannot give advice but are able to provide further links to legislation or other resources.

Despite COVID-19, life still goes on and the team have recently finalised a number of submissions. Several of these items will be of interest to members, or your clients who have residential rental properties, including what deductions can be claimed for complying with the Health Homes Standards. Final copies of these Inland Revenue statements will be available on their website shortly.  

Recently Finalised Items

CA ANZ recently provided feedback to Inland Revenue on several items:

Inland Revenue have recently published their recently finalised items

Inland Revenue have recently released final versions of the their recently finalised statements. Copies of these can be found on Inland Revenue’s Tax Technical website. Inland Revenue will be updating their tax technical website over the coming months. 

Inland Revenue’s tax technical website

Read the finalised statements.

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