Date posted: 03/03/2021

Free online tool helps you communicate about cash flow

By: Susan Franks, Senior Tax Advocate, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

In brief

  • Businesses need to understand cash flow
  • The digital cash flow coaching kit is designed to help accountants communicate with clients about cash flow
  • It is free and can be integrated into your practice

With Australia's JobKeeper set to cease at the end of March 2021, many members will be talking with clients about the viability of their business.  

The Australian Taxation Office collaborated with small businesses, tax professional and industry associations to develop a digital Cash Flow Coaching Kit (the kit) which is designed to help you communicate with your clients about cash flow.   

The beta version of the kit was presented at a CA ANZ knowledge sharing session on 24 September 2020 in which CA ANZ members discussed how they used the kit in their practice.   

The kit is a free, non-ATO branded product. This means you can integrate the kit as a value-add service into your business model. The ATO does not have access to any data that is used in the kit.  

The final version of the digital kit has been released and there are half-hour or one-hour webinars on how to use it (see links below). There are also short 10-15 minute videos on aspects of the kit such as planning your business, funding your business and planning your financial commitments.   

The kit’s source code is freely available and can be used in whole or in part to develop new products or enhance existing products.  

Digital Cash Flow Coaching Kit

Understand and improve small business cash flow.

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CA ANZ knowledge sharing session

COVID-19 Sharing Knowledge Webinar Sessions: Australia to helping members navigate COVID-19 government responses and measures.

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Webinars and videos on how to use the kit

Practical 'show me how' webinars are available for tax professionals and business advisors who want to learn more about the Cash Flow Coaching Kit.

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Coaching kit

About the digital Cash Flow Coaching Kit

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