Date posted: 05/03/2021 3 min read

Don’t miss out on grants – update your ABR details

Many businesses have their tax agent’s address as their physical address and as a result may be missing out on hearing about grants to which they are entitled.

In Brief

  • Details in the Australian Business Register are used by local, state and federal governments to tailor communications
  • Recording a tax agent’s address as a business’s physical address may result in businesses not being told about grants

By Susan Franks, Senior Tax Advocate, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Many Australian small businesses affected by recent disasters such as COVID-19, bushfires and floods may be missing out on government assistance because of a simple error. 

This assistance can range from business concierge services, commercial lease support, fee waivers and tax support, grants, loans and financial assistance. 

Often these packages are designed to help small businesses in specific local government areas most affected by the disaster. For example, the New South Wales small business bushfire support grant that is worth A$10,000 is available only to businesses located in 32 local government areas such as Lithgow, Kyogle and Oberon. 

Federal, State and local governments are tailoring their communications to those businesses that need to know by using business location information that is contained in the Australian Business Registry (ABR).   

Yet many businesses are not receiving these communications and are not aware of what is available because their physical business address held in ABR is often that of their tax agent who may be located outside of the affected local government area.

The address of a tax agent is often recorded in the ABR as the physical location of a business in the mistaken belief that:

  • Physical business addresses held on the ABR are publicly available. They are not.
  • It would affect government correspondence. Changing the business address to its actual location will not affect the correspondence settings. 
CA ANZ has developed an email and an SMS for your practice to help you communicate with your clients.

CA ANZ has developed an email and an SMS for your practice to help you communicate with your clients about these potential lost opportunities.

Draft email if your client is to update details

Subject: Are you missing out on government grants?

Bushfires, floods, COVID – these disasters have highlighted the importance of the accuracy of government data in designing and delivering assistance packages.  

Many government grants are location-specific and information about these grants is sent to businesses based on information in the Australian Business Registry (ABR).  However, because many businesses have recorded their tax agent’s address rather than their physical address in the ABR, they can be missing out on information about grants they may qualify for. To ensure you receive this information, check the details of your business’s physical location in the ABR and update them if required.

Details on how to update your ABN can be found here.

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Draft SMS if your client is to update details

Don’t miss out on government grants because your business address in the Australian Business Registry is wrong. Update your ABN information to ensure your business address is your physical business location not your tax agent’s address. 

Click here to see how.