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ATO Trustee Disqualifications 2020-21

List of individuals as notified in the Government Notices Gazette as disqualified by the ATO since 1 July 2020 for contravening super laws

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) may disqualify an individual from acting as a trustee or director of a corporate trustee if they've contravened super laws.

It can also disqualify an individual if its concerned about their actions or suitability to be a trustee. When deciding whether to disqualify a trustee, it considers how serious the contraventions are, how many contraventions have occurred and how likely it is they will continue to be non-compliant.

An individual may be disqualified as an SMSF trustee for not being a ‘fit and proper person’. Personal character is considered along with the circumstances surrounding any contraventions.

The ATO will write to disqualified trustees detailing its decision. This information is published in the Government Notices Gazette. Individuals who have been disqualified from being an SMSF trustee can apply to have the decision reviewed.

Summarised below is the list of individuals who have been disqualified by the ATO since 1 July 2020:


Melissa Larsen, David Larsen, Peter Polites

(Edition 6 - 25 February 2021)

Marilyn Summerhayes, Stephen Summerhayes, Zac Warat, Jennifer Marion Grech, Paul Anthony Grech, George Ioana, Tovia Aiava

(Edition 4 - 11 February 2021)

Michael Willoughby, Kaye Willoughby, Patricia Daniel, George Daniel, Jamie Varcoe, Deborah Varcoe, Fili Fili, Perry Gabriel Marsh, George Ioana, Tovia Aiava 

(Edition 3 - 4 February 2021)

Judith Arrow, David Jackson, David Brendon Petersen, David Gazzoli, Sally Gazzoli, Jugkree Sithisen, Christopher Viet Nguyen, Loi Thi Nguyen

(Edition 2 - 28 January 2021)

Ben Holland, Jessica Hart, Graeme Klyn, Harley Klyn, Adi Kuila Tolley, Samuel Pawson, John Lofstrom, Teresa Lofstrom, Hosay Karimi, Sergey Poberezovskiy, Natalia Poberezovska, Michael Howard, Daniel Van Cuylenburg, Kim Tran, Lucy Kamara

(Edition 1 - 21 January 2021)


Jodie Coleman, Simona Anton, Giovanni Alessandro Martino 

(Edition 49 - 17 December 2020)

Raymon Finlayson, Robyn Finlayson, Laurane Watterson, John Kenna, Paul O’Neill, Juciene Ramos Dos Santos Oliveira, Valdivino Oliveira, Maxwell Ward 

(Edition 48 - 10 December 2020)

Paull, Gordon S Merchant, Josephine Bazzo, Karene MarieThomson, Andrew Alan Hides, Michele Ann Hides

(Edition 47 - 3 December 2020)

Kate Braybrook, Mark Braybrook, Vrelo Vega, Jeffrey Fallon

(Edition 46 - 26 November 2020)

Timothy Hibbert, Carolyn Margaret Hibbert, Andrew Charles Bennett, Marioara Istratoaie, Razvan-Paul Istratoaie 

(Edition 45 - 19 November 2020)

Kristi Carter, Jay Carter, Paul Parlato

(Edition 44 - 12 November 2020)

Joseph Longordo, Davis W Bau 

(Edition 42 - 29 October 2020)

Gregg Harris, Rochelle Jennifer Conway

(Edition 41 – 22 October 2020)

Mathew Joseph White

(Edition 39 – 8 October 2020)

Katherine Nassif, Shane Van Brakel 

(Edition 38 – 1 October 2020)

James Mutimer, Grant Pawson, Drew James Slater 

(Edition 37 – 24 September 2020)

Kumar Singh, Francis McCann, William Healy, Kathryn Healy

(Edition 36 – 17 September 2020)

Peter Norris, Janeen Rosemary Norris, Steven David O’Hara 

(Edition 35 – 10 September 2020)

Clint Pridham, Belinda Yeo, Daniel Bradshaw, Timothy Harry Leunig, Justin Wise, Tarynne Wise  

(Edition 34 – 3 September 2020)

Riyaz Jiffry, Jairo Campos, Andrea Campos, Luke Terry Cullen 

(Edition 33 – 27 August 2020)

Gil Ben-Moshe, Oren Ben-Moshe, Yaron Ben-Moshe, James Fennell, Katrina Sandra Betteridge, Francis Opikoli Drani, Suzanne M Baker, Sonia Flower, Luke Shannon 

(Edition 32 – 20 August 2020)

George Staikos, Niki Staikos, Andrew R Baker, Paul Baldacchino 

(Edition 31 – 13 August 2020)

Catherine Moore 

(Edition 30 – 6 August 2020)

Melissa Leanne Warr, Jacob Anthony Jordan, Colette Paull, Gordon Merchant, Susan Jackson, Michael Herbert 

(Edition 29 – 30 July 2020)

Richard Allen Tankard, Neil Cadman, Marcus Rose, Damon Amos 

(Edition 28 – 23 July 2020)

Sally Elizabeth Joubert, Richard Peter Joubert, Craig Burrell, Vicki Burrell, Jodie Lyonelle Geaney, Jamie John Geaney 

(Edition 26 – 9 July 2020)

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