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Risk, investing, and smart business management are front of mind for many CAs as we move into the middle of 2022.

Along with other Excel resources, Microsoft’s latest Excel 365 Bible has been jumping off the virtual library shelf as members ensure they are using the latest and most useful features of the software.

Additionally, the ever popular 101 essays that will change the way you think is still clearly an inspirational choice as we navigate our way through these tricky times. Library Top Picks

Top 5 eBooks

  1. Microsoft Excel 365 Bible 
  2. Stop investing like they tell you: discover and overcome the 16 mainstream myths keeping you from true financial freedom 
  3. Master your data with Power Query in Excel and Power BI: leveraging Power Query to Get & Transform your task flow 
  4. Microsoft Power BI cookbook: gain expertise in Power BI with over 90 hands-on recipes, tips, and use cases 
  5. Smart growth: how to grow your people to grow your company 

Top 5 audiobooks

  1. HBR’s 10 must reads on managing risk 
  2. HBRs 10 must reads 2022: the definitive management ideas of the year 
  3. Beyond the 80/20 principle: the science of success from game theory to tipping point 
  4. 101 essays that will change the way you think 
  5. Smart growth: how to grow your people to grow your company 

Top 5  articles and online resources

  1. 21 new Excel features released in 2021 
  2. Building a bot (automating accounting and finance processes) 
  3. Hot-ticket tokens: how NFTs are capturing the public's imagination and opening opportunities for fraud 
  4. CFOs' evolving views of tech 
  5. How to be awesome at your job (podcast series) 

Top 5 reading lists 

CA Library reading lists offer a quick way to access resources on a specific topic, from how to boost your public practice to inspiring business tales.  

Newly added are the Australian and New Zealand tax lists, collections of recent country-specific articles and online resources for tax practitioners.

  1. Excel and accounting software
  2. Australian tax – a selection of recent articles
  3. New Zealand tax – a selection of recent articles 
  4. Investment strategies – resources to help you make your investment decisions
  5. Women's personal and career development 


Check out CA Library’s complete range of reading lists here.

Did you know CA Library offers a complimentary research service? 

Don’t waste your valuable time searching for information – tap into the complimentary library research service.

Here are some recent questions CAs have asked the research team: 

  • Industry analysis of the shipping industry in the South Pacific 
  • The value of manuka honey exports (NZ) and the top 3 countries exported to 
  • Information on biodiversity accounting, including the approaches, the practitioners, and how the results are reported 
  • Assigning value to projects in a software company 

To view more recent research topics please visit our research support page or simply email [email protected]

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