Big data analytics

Unlock the power of 'big data' and deliver richer business insights to your clients with our specially designed data analytics platform

In Brief

  • Small to medium businesses can now engage in the predictive analytics space with CA Kairos, our big data platform
  • Our platform may help you to uncover meaningful insights, maximise client touch points and improve your business
  • Exclusively available to members, try out the basic version today for free

Unlock the power of big data

CA Kairos is an innovative platform designed in collaboration with members with you and your accounting skills in mind.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the opportune moment. Now is the time for Chartered Accountants to engage in big data and predictive analytics to provide clients with enhanced business advice.

CA Kairos combines your professional accounting expertise with education, analytics and machine learning to help you to enrich your client experience.

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Insights through numbers

CA Kairos may help you save time and may provide deeper insights, leading to richer conversations and more reliable business forecasts.

The Predictive Accountant can enhance the value you provide by:

  • Leveraging your accounting data and new information sources
  • Using analytics tools and visualisation software to find patterns and trends
  • Deriving insights about your practice and your clients’ business activity
  • Creating dashboards you can share, highlighting for clients why they’re performing well
  • Identifying where future opportunities and risks lie for your own practice and your clients.

The Connected Practice may help you to:

  • Maximise workflow preparation and client touch points
  • Work from the cloud and switch from reactive to proactive planning
  • Improve your business
  • Free up time to focus on analysing and improving your clients' businesses

Transform your business into the practice of the future now – our basic version of CA Kairos is free.

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