Mentor Exchange

Establish a rewarding new relationship and boost your career development at any stage of your career.

In brief

  • Benefit from being a mentor or mentee
  • Build your network and enhance your knowledge
  • Participate face-to-face or online
  • Receive a guide, action plan and all relevant supporting material
  • Receive 6 CPD hours for participating

Have you ever considered how your professional and personal development could benefit from taking part in a mentoring relationship?

Mentor Exchange connects experienced members with CAs looking to boost their career development.

Whether you'd like to help the next generation, or you're looking for guidance, a mentor-mentee relationship can be extremely rewarding.

It's a unique opportunity to learn from each other, share a close professional relationship and gain insight into new possibilities.

I'm in the early stages of my career, what can I gain?

If you're starting out in the profession a mentor can help you establish a clear career plan, consider a specialisation, build your personal brand, grow your confidence and expand your professional network.

Caleb Firth, a member in Waikato NZ, found that his mentor significantly helped with reshaping his perspective and practical insights.

"The CA ANZ Early Career Mentor Exchange was a great program that connected me to a strong CA mentor who challenged my thinking and helped me develop my professional leadership with some great practical guidance. My mentor was also able to help me grow my network base by connecting me with other local Chartered Accountants who have valuable expertise in the specific industry that I work in."
Caleb Firth CA

I'm in my mid-career, how can a mentoring relationship help?

If you're looking at making a career change or taking the next step towards a senior management role, an experienced mentor can be invaluable. They can encourage you to take that next step, help you climb the corporate ladder or consider your own practice.

They'll also work with you to identify your strengths, expand your professional network, share insights and develop your leadership skills.

Kiwiroa Marshall, a member in London, applied to the Mentor Exchange knowing she wanted to make a career change, and her mentor helped her to develop that path.

"My mentoring was a real wake-up call in the best possible way. I had been procrastinating for years about what I wanted to do with my life, and had been somewhat in a daydream about my ideals. My mentor brought a realistic, and objective viewpoint which really helped me turn things around. His insights and stories were inspirational and gave me a renewed sense of hope, direction and a practical way forward."
Kiwiroa Marshall CA

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Find a mentor – I'm outside of Australia and New Zealand

Boost your career development by connecting with an experienced CA. Mentor Exchange is available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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Why should I become a mentor?

Mentor Exchange is based on a mutual exchange of ideas and information. As well as helping you make a real difference to a fellow CA's career your participation will connect you with people outside your current network, with alternative points of view and fresh perspectives.

Tony Frost is a member from Sydney who has taken part in Mentor Exchange for two years. Not only was he able to boost his mentee's career, they also found the experience beneficial for their professional and personal development.

"Not only did I enjoy helping to develop the next generation of Chartered Accountants, I benefited from some reverse mentoring as well. CA ANZ provided excellent materials and support to both mentees and mentors."
Tony Frost CA

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Can I do it virtually?

You can complete the program in either the face-to-face or virtual stream. We encourage all members, including regional members, to take part as you can enjoy the full experience of the program online. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the program is set up to be flexible to adhere to government health advice.

Rob Tillotson, a member on the Gold Coast in Queensland, maintained the relationship with his mentee online, and found the program to be as fulfilling as it would be in person.

"I chose to link virtually from the beginning (pre-virus) and this resulted in my mentee being in a remote location which prohibited her from any face to face mentoring. We talked via FaceTime which was as good as a physical meeting and I could highly recommend this vehicle for mentoring."
Rob Tillotson CA

Applications close 14 August 2020

Applications for the Mentor Exchange program are now open and will close 14 August 2020. The program is available to full Chartered Accountants ANZ members only*.

All you need do is complete a profile questionnaire, along with your application, and we'll pair you with an appropriate match.

We base matches according to a mentee's career goals and a mentor's background and experience.

As a confirmed participant, you'll be invited to a program launch in October, after which you'll connect four times over six months.

All mentors and mentees will be provided with a guide, action plan and relevant supporting materials. Mentors also have access to a Mentor for the Mentor service.

At the end of the six-month Mentor Exchange, you'll be invited to a celebratory closing session. As a voluntary program, it's free for mentors to apply. Mentees in Australia and New Zealand are asked to make a payment of A$165 or NZ$175 with their application.

Form a supportive relationship that helps you swap insights, learn new ways of thinking, increase your knowledge and grow your professional network with a fellow Chartered Accountant.

*This program is not available to provisional members.

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