How Affinity works

Access exclusive offers from globally recognised brands in lifestyle, personal banking and more

In brief

  • Access benefits and offers exclusively available to you as a CA
  • We partner with premium brands like Westpac, Aon, Qantas and Lexus
  • Discover products and services to meet your needs both at work and home

Affinity disclaimer

  • Disclaimer

    The information on this website regarding the Affinity programme is not legal, financial or professional advice, and should not be taken as a substitute for such advice. It does not take into account your financial or investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. You should not act or rely on any statement, view or opinion expressed in this website and should make and rely on your own inquiries in making any decisions or giving any advice. In particular, you should carefully consider the terms and conditions of any financial product and/or financial services/advice in light of your personal circumstances (including financial and tax issues) and seek professional guidance from your relevant accountant, tax, legal or other professional adviser before deciding to proceed with any Affinity product or offering.

About Affinity

Affinity /uh-fin-i-tee/ noun.

A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship Developed with you in mind, the Affinity Members Programme offers range of quality products and services – including benefits not always available to the general public.

Through our partnership with leading brands in banking and lifestyle, the Affinity Members Programme delivers quality products and services to our members

Designed with you in mind

Through our strong relationships with premium brands we’ve designed a range of products and benefits specifically for you as a member.

Browse the offerings from our partners and choose which benefits best suit you.

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