Preparing for membership renewal

Update your details now to help streamline your membership renewal.

In Brief

  • Use My CA to easily update details such as your employment history, CPD hours and CPP obligations
  • Update your employment details
  • Update your continuing professional development (CPD) records
  • Apply for a CPD Exemption (if eligible)

While membership renewal will take place from the end of May, now is a great time to review and update a range of details that will help streamline the renewal process.

Update your contact details

Update your details within My CA under the 'My Profile & Privacy' section.

Update now on My CA

Update your employment details

Have your employment details changed in the last year? You will need to confirm your current employment details as part of renewing your membership. You can update these now on My CA, to help streamline your renewal.

Can't find your employer in the drop-down menu? Our Member Support Team is here to assist you. Contact us on [email protected] or submit a request for assistance.

Update your continuing professional development (CPD) records

You can update and keep track of your continuing professional development (CPD) records using the CPD log located in My CA, or by continuing to use your preferred record-keeping method outside of My CA. When you renew your membership, you will need to report on the CPD hours completed in the year ending 30 June 2022, so reviewing and updating your CPD records now will take you one step closer to completing your renewal.

Calculate a CPD Exemption (if eligible)

You may be eligible for a partial or full exemption from continuing professional development (CPD) if you work part time or if you are unemployed, retired or taking a career break. Please note that from 1 July 2021 members who do not hold a CPP and are over 60 are no longer automatically granted a full exemption from completing CPD. 

If you have fully withdrawn from the workforce (retired), regardless of your age, you will be eligible for a full exemption from the CPD requirements in CR7. 

Members are entitled to partial and pro-rated CPD exemptions in the following circumstances: 

  • extended leave from professional work, such as parental leave, career break or sabbatical
  • extended absence from work due to unemployment or illness
  • working on a part time or casual basis
  • exceptional circumstances of hardship or difficulty in completing their required CPD.

For periods from 1 July 2021, members are no longer required to submit an application in writing to CA ANZ other than for exceptional circumstances, or if you wish your exemption to be recorded on your My CA CPD log. If so, members should use the CPD exemption form on My CA. Otherwise, members should calculate their CPD exemption and keep this with their CPD records. 

If a member is selected as part of the CA ANZ CPD monitoring programme, they will be asked to provide a copy of these calculations supporting their exemption. 

Need to relinquish your CPP?

If you are no longer offering public accounting services, you may be able to relinquish your Certificate of Public Practice (CPP). If you believe this could apply to you, find out more about CPP relinquishment below.

Ensure you’re getting the most relevant information and communications from us.

Many members ask, why they didn't know about an initiative, product or service - in short it is usually because of their communications preferences. To ensure you are getting the information you want, review and update your "communication preferences" and "areas of interest" by simply logging into My CA, and update your preferences under "My Communications Preferences" and "My CA Settings" from the drop-down menu.

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