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How you can get involved and give back

In brief

  • We offer many opportunities for members to get involved in their local professional network
  • Consider supporting a candidate in the CA Program, join a special interest group, or apply for a position in one of our governance groups
  • Your regional office maintains more detailed information about activities and opportunities to get involved in your local area

Help us shape the future of accounting

We’re always working to provide opportunities for our members to build their community and knowledge network. Get involved and give back to the profession by supporting our CA candidates; volunteering for our Mentoring Opportunities; joining a discussion group; or contribute to a policy submission.

Comment on policy submissions

As our profession evolves, we’re looking ahead to provide thought leadership, commentary and recommendations on emerging issues in the business world of the future - giving you the knowledge to lead from the front. Member contributions to and comments on submissions are sought and highly valued by our Leadership and Advocacy team.

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View recent policy submissions

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Mentoring Opportunities

CA ANZ’s numerous Mentoring Opportunities connect the skills and knowledge of experienced members with those who want to boost their career development.

Mentees can build professional connections and benefit from an experienced member's knowledge and insights.

Being involved as a mentor is extremely rewarding as you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a fellow member's career.


Find out more about the programs available and apply.

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Other ways to contribute

  • Support CA Program candidates

    Exam Marking

    Members in Australia and New Zealand are involved in marking assessments and exams. Bring your practical understanding of the discipline to ensure we maintain rigour and expertise to our marking process.

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    You can assist in marking assessments and exams.

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    Become a learning facilitator

    Members in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia may apply for roles as facilitators in both our Capstone modules and learning support programmes. We select and train members to ensure the highest quality of delivery of our learning programs.

    Mentor a CA Candidate

    Mentored practical experience is a critical part of the CA Program.

    As a member you can provide mentoring to CA Program candidates, supporting and guiding them to apply their learning in the workplace.

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    Help our CA Program candidates develop the knowledge, skills and attributes for a successful career.

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  • Join a committee, council or group

    Our Councils

    Our governance bodies play an important role in the organisation.

    In addition to the Chartered Accountants ANZ Council there are Regional Councils in each Australian state and in New Zealand.

    Some positions on these bodies are elected and some are filled by application and appointment.

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    We encourage members who are passionate about making a difference to consider serving.

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    Local Leadership Teams and Member Representative Groups

    New Zealand-based members can serve on their Local Leadership Team.

    These teams provide advice on the needs and preferences of members in their local area. Each team requires up to eight members.

    Our members in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK are represented by local Member Groups.

    These groups provide support to members and, through their Councillors, provide advice to the Chartered Accountants ANZ Council.

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    Find out who your local representatives are.

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    Special Interest Groups and Discussion Groups

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Discussion Groups provide opportunities for like-minded members to meet together regularly.

    Most SIGs and Discussion Group meetings qualify for CPD hours.

    SIGs are organised regionally in New Zealand while in Australia Discussion Groups may be organised by your state office or directly by members for members.

    Join a group

    Details on what is available locally are available from your regional office.

    Special Interest GroupsDiscussion Groups
  • Join our Member Insights Panel

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of members, and to help achieve this important goal, we are calling for members to join our Member Insights Panel.

    Participants will be able to share their views, have their voices heard, and provide deeper insights into the challenges Chartered Accountants face. The panel is an opportunity to provide feedback to CA ANZ, with the resulting insights allowing CA ANZ to better support our members well into the future.

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    Find out more about our Member Insights Panel.

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