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Sharing information with us

A second layer of security for your practice in professional indemnity insurance.

In brief

  • Help us our mandatory reporting back to the PSC
  • Contact our Scheme Compliance team

Sharing information with us

Each year, we report to the Professional Standards Council on the outcomes achieved in our member compliance programmes. 

To prepare the report, we need information about your practice and indemnity insurance. That’s why we ask you to complete a Professional Standards Scheme Questionnaire (questionnaire) each year. 

Completing the questionnaire is mandatory. It can be completed online through an emailed link sent in the month of your policy renewal. 

If there are a number of CPP holders and affiliates in your practice who are covered by one PI policy, only one questionnaire will need to be completed annually.

You will need to nominate a PI contact to be the questionnaire recipient. This ensure you receive only one questionnaire and can comply with reporting obligations.

If you don’t complete the questionnaire, you can face disciplinary action under Regulation CR2.

So that your record in our system is up to date, please let us know by emailing the Scheme Compliance team at [email protected] when any of the following things change:

  • Your contact details
  • Employer
  • Practice contact details
  • Practice structure
  • PI contact person
  • Your PI insurer
  • The month your renewal is due

Or, if:

  • You open, sell, merge or close your practice
  • You relinquish your CPP
  • Another CPP holder joins your practice

Keeping these details up to date means you will receive and can complete your questionnaire on time.

CA ANZ’s Professional Standards Scheme now in effect

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