Date posted: 18/08/2020

Risk practitioners - New CPD training modules

Practitioners who work in this field can work across the three lines of defence which spans enterprise risk management, strategic risks, financial risks and non-financial risk.

In brief

  • Risk practitioner are members who have built on their accounting skills to undertake their work
  • Risk practitioners can pursue the Risk Specialisation which may help them to enhance their industry recognition
  • Risk training modules are available which cover a range of topics to enhance risk knowledge

What is risk about?

Risk practitioners are highly skilled in analysing, managing, reporting, and escalating risks if appropriate. It's a field that requires a combination of accounting, reviewing, assessing, auditing and communication skills to ensure that the business outcomes are realised

Accountants in this field of work will typically work in the first and second lines of defence and be responsible for managing the risks in their portfolio. Some may also work in the third line of defence where the tasks relate more to auditing the compliance of work done in the first and second lines of defence in line with the Board risk management framework, tolerance levels and appetite. Risk practitioners are required to produce information to a standard that would be suitable for submitting to the organisation’s Board. The Board being subject to APRA and ASIC requirements.

Ultimately, an important element encompassing this work is the maintenance of business resilience, particularly in the light of significant adverse events.

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Tools and resources

Risk training modules

  • Effective Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management;
  • Strategic Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Non-Financial Risk

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