SMSF Training

Understand the latest developments and help your clients meet the challenges

In Brief

  • Experienced trainers
  • Industry leading content includes the latest developments
  • Tailored materials that suit all levels of experience

What is CA ANZ SMSF training?

Training for Chartered Accountants

CA ANZ provides a comprehensive SMSF education program. Carefully crafted by our technical specialists, it provides the most up-to-date information and insights in this rapidly changing, complex environment.

Whether you're a young professional looking for the foundations to build a successful career, or an aspiring CFO wanting to hone your technical skills, our programs provide the technical skills and critical capabilities required for all types of business.

Why choose SMSF training at CA ANZ?

Top-quality trainers

  • Our trainers undergo a rigorous selection process. All are accountants with years of industry experience who understand the practical implications of laws and regulations on accountants and their clients.

Industry leading content

  • We convert complex superannuation issues into simple and practical materials that you can immediately apply to your clients.
  • Our partnerships with industry leaders ensure our training regimes include the latest legislative, regulatory and industry developments.
  • Our in-house writing team is solely dedicated to our tax and superannuation training materials, so when there's a change in the law, regulations or judicial views on a particular issue, we can roll-out updated training materials swiftly.
  • Content is based on member and client feedback. You can select your preferred training topics, which all include both theory and practical case studies to help you gain more in-depth knowledge.

Tailored materials

  • Training materials can be pitched at different proficiency levels to suit all members and non-members.

SMSF Training Courses

Training and support for every stage of your career

CA ANZ's training program takes place all year round and comes in a variety of interactive formats to cater to every learning style and time preference.

SMSF Courses Delivery Method
Onsite  Online  Workshop  Conference  Training Community  
Essential Tax & Super Update   Explore      Explore 
Essential Superannuation Update
Special Superannuation Topics         Explore
Foundation of Superannuation   Explore      Explore
Winter Tax and Super School    
National SMSF Conference     Explore 

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