Risk management for business success

As accountants, embedding effective risk management in business as usual activities is essential to driving optimal business outcomes

Risk management is everybody’s responsibility

Effective risk management is a critical part of enterprise wide performance management, and it is essential that today’s finance professionals embed risk management into everything they do.

Today’s accounting and finance professionals are faced with a myriad of challenges managing a broad range of risks within their day-to-day responsibilities, and are responsible for embedding effective risk management across the organisation from both an internal and external perspective.

Risk management stretches from implementing adequate internal controls and safeguards, to segregation of duties, to monitoring external environments for macro-economic impacts. Take a deep dive into practical operational and financial risk management responsibilities with our range of risk management courses and risk management training. Choose the learning delivery style that suits you – from online to workshops and forums.

Be empowered to lead with confidence

With an increasing focus on risk management from Boards and Senior Executive teams, it is has never been more important for accounting professionals to be proficient in this area. Be empowered with best practice guidance, practical insights and tools to expand your skillset and to excel in your risk management responsibilities, enabling you to confidently and competently support your organisation.

Gain insights into emerging risk areas

Stay future focused by gaining insights into emerging risk areas, such as reputational risk, cyber risk, natural disasters and data security; in addition to the traditional areas of operational and financial risk. Equip yourself with tools and frameworks to influence risk management across your organisation and lead with confidence. Recognise the benefits of effective risk management in terms of business opportunity and strategy, and gain insight into the future of risk management as a discipline.

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