Build your team, create executive presence or prepare for the next stage of your career with CA Capability+.

When you’re sharing your vision, how do you bring everyone along for the journey? Most leaders say it takes people skills. The ability to inspire your teams and communicate shared goals. To delegate and motivate others to step up so you can focus on bigger things.

Olivia Cameron CA, believes in ensuring her team have the capabilities to take on future challenges.

“my focus needs to be on my leadership competencies and continuing to reinforce with my leadership team - how they build talent underneath us so that we can get the best results.”  
Olivia Cameron CA

Do you find yourself in a mid-career crisis questioning what you’re doing and why? If so, you’re not alone. As you develop professionally and emotionally, your needs change. Boredom may set in. You may feel compelled to branch out. It’s important to find a way forward by assessing your capabilities and identifying opportunities for a path towards greater job satisfaction.

Alena Bennett CA moved from accountancy to leadership consulting with a focus on empowering people to find their purpose.

When we know our purpose and can demonstrate we have the skills and capabilities that give us that executive presence, that's when confidence emerges.
Alena Bennett CA

How can CA Capability+ help you prepare for the next stage of your career?

1. Leading by example begins with a growth mindset.

CA Capability+ tool allows you assess your skill level and capabilities against your current or future role. Discover how to build on your strengths to help bring out the best in your teams.

2. Make your next move with confidence 

You might be looking to start your own practice or step down from some of your workload. Your CA Capability+ assessment provides you with instant feedback around your strengths and development opportunities allowing you to build your own personalised development plan to help grow the capabilities you need for you next move. You can add and remove capability areas from your personalised plan to suit you.

3. Curated recommended learning courses

Your CA Capability+ development plan pulls together recommended learning courses tailored to address your capability gaps. This curated list of resources gives you instant access to LinkedIn Learning, CA Library and CA ANZ CPD courses.