Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Ultra is a virtual classroom system that allows for online interaction and has been integrated into the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s Learning Management System – Blackboard Learn.

Virtual classrooms are particularly useful situations prevent you from having face-to-face.

This page provides introductory instructions for presenters of Blackboard Ultra sessions. It is important that before you conduct a session that you set up your device correctly and learn How to conduct a session. This page assists presenters to interact with the participants in a collaborate session.

Breakout Groups

  • Create Breakout Groups
    1. Open the Share Content tab from the Collaborate panel.

    2. Select Breakout Groups

    3. Assign groups. Either select 
      • Randomly assign (when 4 or more participants are present), or 
      • Custom assignment (Presenters manually assign users to groups).

    4. To change how many participants are in each group select the number of groups from the Number of Groups menu.

    5. If you don't like how the participants are grouped, select Shuffle participants.

    6. Custom assignment: To manually assign participants to a group select the participants options menu and select a user.

    7. Choose to create a new group or put them into an existing group by clicking on the appropriate option. You can also drag and drop participants into groups.

    8. Note: You can also drag and drop participants into groups.

    9. Select  to add more groups and  to delete groups.
    10. Optionally, select "Allow participants to switch groups", if you want participants to be able to move to another group on their own.

    11. Select Start.
  • Switching Between Groups
    1. From the Participants panel, find a participant and select Attendee controls.
    2. Select Move to another group. This opens the Breakout groups panel.

    3. There are 2 ways to move the user to another group,
      • Select the participant's options menu and select a new group.
      • Select the participant and drag them to the new group.
    4. Select Update.
  • End Breakout Groups

    When you want to stop breakout groups and bring everybody back to the main room, select End breakout groups. You can find this button in 2 places.

    • At the top of the Participants panel

    • In the Breakout Groups area in the Share Content panel.

    More information on Breakout Groups can be found here.

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