Leadership in Government Awards

Recognising excellence in accounting and finance in the Australian public sector.

The Leadership in Government awards celebrate exceptional leadership and accomplishments of members in the public sector. The awards acknowledge individuals who show exemplary leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to their organisation and the Australian community.

Award categories

There are two (2) award categories that current CA ANZ members can be nominated for:

Achievement Award

Recognises an individual who shows potential as a future leader in the Accounting and Finance function of the public sector by using initiative and driving innovation in their organisation.

The prize for the Achievement Award is a bursary to the value of A$10,000.

Outstanding Contribution to the Public Sector Award

Recognises a leader who demonstrates outstanding Accounting and Finance contributions to the Australian public sector. Nominee contributions demonstrate (with evidence) that they are leading by example and have achieved a step change for the benefit of the Australian public.

The prize for the Outstanding Contribution to the Public Sector Award is a bursary to the value of A$20,000.

Key Dates

1 June 2023 Nominations open
27 August 2023 Nominations close 5.00pm AEST
5 September 2023 First round judging
12 September 2023 Shortlist contacted for supplementary evidence (1 week to respond)
26 September 2023 Final judging decision
23 November 2023 2023 Leadership in Government Award ceremony


Eligible nominees must be current CA ANZ members and work in the Australian Public Service (APS), but do not need to be direct employees.


Nominations must be submitted online, and should include the following information:

  • Nominee details (position, organisation, classification)
  • Nominator details (position, organisation, and contact details)
  • A promotional-style description about the nominee (100 words)
  • A one-page response addressing the judging criteria, highlighting the nominee's achievements with supporting evidence (500 words)
  • Referees (name, position, organisation of three referees)


When choosing the recipients of the Leadership in Government Awards, regard is given to nominee’s achievements in their work within the public sector that demonstrates:

  • Innovative and transformative leadership, and
  • Ability to attract, build and retain skills, expertise, and talent.

Criterion 1: Nominee demonstrates ability to attract, build and retain talent

Supporting evidence shows that the nominee:

  • Encourages team members to undertake professional qualifications and building the talent pipeline of the profession.
  • Encourages knowledge sharing to build capability of others.
  • Embraces mobility, flexibility, and responsiveness in the workforce to deliver the outcomes required by their organisation.

Additional requirement for Outstanding Contribution Award nominations:

  • Demonstrates how nominee is attracting, retaining, and progressing finance professionals to the public sector more broadly.

Criterion 2: Nominee demonstrates being a transformative leader

Supporting evidence shows that the nominee:

  • Encourages and enables team to build skills in data literacy and technology to awareness of the changing public sector workforce.
  • Recognises potential in those they lead and provides support for them to succeed.

Additional requirement for Outstanding Contribution Award nominations:

  • Demonstrates innovative approach to identifying talent and building future-ready skills in their teams and/or the wider organisation.

Criterion 3: Nominee demonstrates Difference Maker qualities.

Supporting evidence shows that the nominee:

  • Embraces diversity and inclusion.
  • Demonstrates purposeful leadership public sector and accounting profession remains highly regarded for ethics and integrity.
  • Actively supports personal and organisational wellbeing across the organisation.

Additional requirement for Outstanding Contribution Award nominations:

  • Is regarded by peers as trusted leader.

Criterion 4: Nominee demonstrates ability to lead system change

Supporting evidence shows that the nominee:

  • Implemented system changes (in team or business area) to meet organisational strategic objectives.
  • Encouraged collaboration across organisation for continual improvement.
  • Has strong relationships across organisation.
  • Is a catalyst for change to support future-ready organisational transformation.

Additional requirements for Outstanding Contribution Award nominations:

  • Demonstrates lead role in cross-organisational change initiative for whole-of-system innovation and growth.

More information

  • Terms and Conditions
    1. The terms and conditions incorporate the matters specified in the Nomination Guide above, including in respect of Judging and the Judging Criteria
    2. Nominees must be full (as at 1 June 2023) members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand in good standing
    3. To be eligible for the Achievement Award, a nominee must be a current (as at 1 June 2023) employee of or be contracted directly or indirectly to the Australian Public Service
    4. Nominees must be prepared to meet requests for additional information from the judging panel
    5. The nominations must be made via the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand website: https://caanz.com/LGA and should provide the information as set out in the criteria for the relevant category
    6. Additional information pertinent to the entry (and referred to in the entry) should not be sent to the judging panel unless requested by the judging panel
    7. Entries open on 9:00am, 1st June 2023 (Canberra time)
    8. Entries close at 5.00pm, 27 August 2023 (Canberra time)
    9. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into
    10. By making a nomination, nominators consent to, and confirm they have the consent of the nominee to, the collection and use of their personal information in accordance with CA ANZ Privacy Policy (www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/privacy-policy) and the Privacy Collection Statement (below).
    11. At any time CA ANZ may seek verification of any information or facts about a nominee (whether from the nominee or from a third party) and may request whatever document or evidence it deems necessary to verify any matters about a nominee. Nominees consent to third parties being contacted for this purpose
    12. Failure by a nominator or a nominee to fully comply with any of CA ANZ’s directions or requests for information may result in CA ANZ no longer considering the nomination of the nominee
    13. If, any time within 12 months from the close of entries, a nominee: is subject to CA ANZ disciplinary proceedings, ceases to be a member, is suspended from membership, or otherwise becomes ineligible for membership for any reason, CA ANZ may, at its absolute discretion, demand the full refund of any bursary paid and the nominee agrees to the prompt and full payment of the relevant bursary
    14. CA ANZ may, in its absolute discretion, ignore any entry which it deems to be offensive, untruthful or inappropriate, or otherwise tampers with the nomination process, or which otherwise does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.
    15. Submission of a nomination constitutes acceptance of the preceding Terms and Conditions.
  • Privacy Collection Statement

    This Collection Statement contains details about how CA ANZ (We, Us) including its subsidiaries and controlled entities may collect, hold, use and disclose the personal information you have provided to Us in connection with nominations for the Local Government Awards 2023. In addition, your personal information will be used and disclosed as set out in the CA ANZ Global Privacy Policy, available at https://www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/privacy-policy.

    We collect personal information from the nominee or their nominator (You) directly via the nomination form, including information relating to Your membership with Us (and, where applicable) Your criminal record (if any) Your health, religious beliefs or affiliation, racial or ethnic origin and any other sensitive information, to the extent that it is reasonably necessary to administer and process Your nomination for the Local Government Awards 2023. We may also collect personal information about You from third parties to verify Your personal information.

    Where You have consented to Our processing of such information (including any sensitive information) you may withdraw such consent at any time, by contacting Us using the contact details in Our Global Privacy Policy at [email protected]. Please note, however, that in certain circumstances it may be still lawful for Us to continue processing this information even where consent has been withdrawn, if one of the other legal bases is applicable. If You do not provide Your personal information or You withdraw your consent, we may be unable to process Your nomination.

    We may disclose Your personal information to CA ANZ employees, as well as agents, contractors and service providers such as where we outsource functions.

    Our Global Privacy Policy also contains the contact details of Our Privacy Officer and information regarding Your rights (including how to withdraw your consent, if applicable) and how you can seek to access and correct Your personal information or raise a privacy concern with Us and how it will be dealt with.

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