Tailored learning

We’ll assess your team’s skills and experience, identify the gaps, and tailor a solution to meet your needs

In brief

  • We know every organisation has different learning needs, which is why we deliver custom designed learning programs
  • We can help your team brush up on technical skills such as regulatory compliance, updates and reporting standards
  • Build on your team's business management skills including leadership, people skills and strategy

Customised learning 

Work with us to achieve your learning goals. We can help you educate and upskill your team through our tailored learning.

We work with you to come up with a learning solution appropriate for your team's expertise, size, training schedule and location.

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Learning tailored for you

  • Analysing Your Needs to Create Powerful Learning Experiences

    We can help identify the skills your team needs to develop. We'll research and discuss your needs and share our experiences of what has worked for others to deliver a solution tailored for you.

  • Create Well Rounded Professionals

    The changing face of accounting has made business management skills more important than ever. Complement traditional technical skills with high-value skills such as leadership, communication, negotiation and strategic thinking.

  • Give Your Team Essential Technical Skills

    Help your team keep up with the profession by learning about the latest trends, issues, developments and regulatory compliance updates in a friendly and interactive way.

  • Put Theory into Practice

    Help your team understand the most complex, challenging material through our expert facilitators and presenters. They apply theory in a practical and effective way that also helps meet your team's career development needs.

  • Support and Strengthen Your Team

    Improve your team's effectiveness and organisational culture through our tailored learning. Delivered onsite at your premises in a familiar environment, our sessions also deliver indirect benefits relating to communication, confidence and relationships.