February 2016

Welcome to Acuity, the magazine of sharp thinking on matters of economics, business and finance.

In our February edition, we hear leadership insights from the leaders of MYOB and PwC, covering innovation and diversity respectively. We visit Christchurch, five years on from its earthquake disaster, to assess the rebuild and review the business prospects there. And we also shine the spotlight on the Trans Pacific Partnership, asking how it might impact businesses.

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This month`s articles

Top Stories

Machine head

In just four years, IBM’s Watson computing technology has become the brains behind innovation in healthcare, financial services, cyber security and taxation.

Relentless innovation

From being an original disruptor of the finance sector, MYOB is now stepping up to the challenge of newer disruptors challenging its market position.

Slow road to recovery

Five years after being knocked down by a devastating earthquake, Christchurch businesses and residents are finally finding their feet.