Charmaine O'Shea FCA

Charmaine O’Shea knows rural accounting means getting to fundamentals quickly, because livelihoods depend on it

Grass roots success story

Charmaine specialises in farm accounting and is a director of her own accounting practice in Northland, New Zealand.

She’s also an equity partner in a dairy farm, Chair of AgriWomen’s Development Trust and actively applies her learning to projects that lift dairy industry performance. Like farmers everywhere, Charmaine knows how to fit a lot into a day.

When it comes to working with clients on farm, she takes a down to earth approach.


When the boots come off and you are sitting at their kitchen table, farmers want the unvarnished truth.
Charmaine O'Shea FCA


"My job is to analyse their past performance and future opportunities, and be an effective, independent sounding board. Having an in-depth, hands-on knowledge of the industry gives me a great advantage,” says Charmaine.

Over the years, Charmaine’s passion for dairying combined with her professional expertise has seen her receive many awards, culminating, in March 2014, with New Zealand Dairy Woman of the Year.

“I guess my passion for moving the industry forward in terms of financial, environmental and social sustainability, plus getting women recognised as a key part of that process, might have had something to do with it,” Charmaine admits modestly.

“In this business, there is no substitute for experience and the rural accounting work I do is an awesome way for me to share my Chartered Accounting knowledge and perspectives with passionate farming people, without having to put on gumboots seven days a week.”

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