Antony Tow CA

The commercial hub of downtown Sydney and village life in India may seem worlds apart. Find out how Chartered Accountant Antony Tow is closing the gap and bringing these very different worlds closer

Making a difference to India’s rural children

Making money and doing good are not mutually exclusive
Antony Tow CA

Antony is General Manager of 40K Globe, an Australia-based organisation committed to putting quality education within reach of India’s rural children.

“India is no different from many other countries, where the best teachers are attracted away from rural areas to the big cities,” says Antony. “Our challenge has been to find a way of countering that trend. By adapting new technology and building up the teaching skills of motivated local people, we’ve now found a formula that works."

Importantly, 40K Foundation’s work is also financially sustainable, thanks to the commercial arms of 40K Globe and 40K Consulting which encourage people in business to adopt a ‘social enterprise’ model within their businesses.

“Making money and doing good are not mutually exclusive,” says Antony, “and, in fact, merging the two can create self-sustaining ventures with considerable social impact.”

As a Chartered Accountant, Antony has chosen pathway he finds personally rewarding. His job as GM calls for balance, logic and emotion and Antony believes his CA training has provided him with the necessary financial rigour to fully assess the viability of ideas and business aspirations.

“For people looking for a satisfying career, there are countless inspiring roles on offer. It’s a matter of keeping your mind open and having the discipline to put in the hard yards up front to get you in a position to grasp them.”  

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