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Accounting turns your passions into your career

Did you know you can turn your passions into your dream career with accounting? You might be a little surprised to hear that accounting is one of the most versatile careers out there, with global opportunities, variety and great job security.

The skills you learn studying accounting can not only help you have a fulfilling career, they can also help you be successful in life. From managing your own finances, to planning a Europe trip, to creating your own start-up or becoming CEO of a major company – accounting skills will help you thrive.

Accounting is part of every business

Behind every athlete, every business big or small, every brand you love, every game you lose yourself in, there is a financial expert. They may not be in the spotlight, but accountants can make epic things possible.

Whether you’re interested in starting up with the newest social media platform, organising live events and music festivals, or changing the world with your own not-for-profit organisation, accounting is a career that can open the doors to just about any industry your heart desires.

Interested to hear how accounting can be the key to unlocking your life goals? Izzy from Year13 had a chat with Andrew Van De Beek FCA to get you the goss.

Business class Year13

Year13 x CA ANZ Academy: Business Class

We’ve teamed up with Year13 to show you there is more to accounting than meets the eye. Discover how accountants use their strategic knowhow, business skills and cutting-edge technology to help their customers achieve their goals, see things from a different angle and even change the world.

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Discover the exciting world of accounting and where it could take you! Explore how this profession opens doors to a wide range of opportunities across different industries and fields that align with your interests and values.

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