Turn your passions into a career

Accounting is the key to an exciting world of possibilities and can open the doors to just about any industry your heart desires.

Whether you’re interested in starting up the newest social media platform, organising live events and music festivals, or changing the world with your own not-for-profit organisation. Accounting skills can help you thrive!

You can be at the heart of every business

Behind every athlete, every business big or small, every brand you love, every game you lose yourself in, there are financial experts making epic things possible. As an accountant, you’re the go-to problem solver, using your money smarts and business skills to help your company or clients reach their goals.

If you're seeking job security, global experiences, excellent earning potential, a dynamic lifestyle, influence, and you thrive on challenges, accounting could be your pathway to a fulfilling, impactful and epic career.

Year13 x CA ANZ Academy: Business Class

Business class Year13

We’ve teamed up with Year13 to show you there is more to accounting than meets the eye. Discover how accountants use their strategic knowhow, business skills and cutting-edge technology to help their customers achieve their goals, see things from a different angle and even change the world.

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Boost your career towards an epic professional future

  1. Complete your undergrad in accounting or business/commerce with an accounting major.
  2. Keep exploring your interests through internships, events, and networking.
  3. Start your career and make epic things happen in the industry you love.
  4. Take your career to new heights by enrolling in the CA Program.
  5. Become a Chartered Accountant, be a Difference Maker.

How do accountants take their careers to new heights?

Did you know that becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is a solid way for traditional accountants to gain that professional edge crucial in today’s fast-paced world? They take additional studies to gain the globally recognised CA designation, earned through the CA Program to boost their careers towards an epic professional future.

CAs are known as Difference Makers. The depth and breadth of their expertise help them to see the bigger picture and navigate towards the best course of action. They are visionary leaders who create successful stories, their ability to make epic things happen comes from their consistent pursuit of excellence.

Wondering how accounting and the CA designation play into achieving life goals? Hear from CAs living their best lives:

Izzy from Year13 had a chat with Andrew Van De Beek FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) to bring you exclusive insights on how accounting can help you turn your passions into your career.

Josh Hickford FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) and Sarah Bell CA (Chartered Accountant) share their career journeys, highlighting the role their CA designation played in getting them to where they are today and becoming Difference Makers.

Resources to help you pave the way for an epic professional future

Stay connected

If you haven’t already joined the CA ANZ student membership, now is the perfect time to do so and explore the possibilities of a career in accounting. It gives you access to internships, networking events, and newsletters to help you achieve your career goals – whatever they may be.


Boost future employment opportunities with the Achiever Program

If you are in your penultimate or final year of accounting studies, this program offers you the chance to connect with organisations and gain valuable paid* work experience. It also helps you to expand your professional network and enhance future employment opportunities.

*The salary for student placements is at the discretion of employers and does vary from firm to firm.


Where the CA designation could lead you

It could be your passport to an international career and improve your attractiveness to leading employers. Achieving CA status means joining one of the world's top ten leading accounting bodies, connecting you with a network of over one million members worldwide.


Elevate your career with the CA Program

In today’s fast-paced world, students need an edge and the CA Program’s globally recognised qualification provides just that. The CA Program is designed to create well-rounded business leaders with the skills to make the difference where it counts - for people, businesses, communities and economies; both here and around the world.


Kickstart your CA journey with the CA Foundations

CA Foundations entry pathway is open to all graduates or final year students in an Australian or New Zealand bachelor’s degree (or overseas equivalent) who need to complete further bridging study to meet the CA Program academic entry requirements.