Other CA entry requirements

All CA Program applicants must complete a character assessment

Chartered Accountants value their reputation as trusted business advisers.

To uphold this reputation, all CAs are required to conduct themselves ethically and with high integrity and professional standards.

This means our entry requirements go beyond academic and practical experience requirements.

 As an applicant, you will be required to sign a declaration that you are a ‘fit and proper person’ before you can become a provisional member and eligible to enrol in the Chartered Accountants Program.

How we define a 'fit and proper person'

To determine whether you are a ‘fit and proper person’, consideration is given to your character. This includes assessing whether you are of good fame, have integrity and good character.

The following will be considered:

  • Have you ever appeared in any court of law in any jurisdiction? Did you plead guilty to, or were found guilty of, any criminal offence which has not been set aside on appeal, or is a criminal charge pending against you?
  • Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action by a statutory, regulatory, professional or other body (including entering into enforceable undertakings)?
  • Have you ever been bankrupt or made an assignment for the benefit of your creditors, or have you ever entered into a legal agreement with your creditors, or have been subject to a legal procedure for the management or discharge of any debt?
  • Have you ever been subject to a notice not to manage a corporation or been refused any registration or license relevant to the provision of public accountancy services?

You may also be required to attend a personal interview and asked to provide references.