Alternative entry options

CA ANZ offers a range of pathways to increase your opportunity to start studying the CA Program

In Brief

  • Complete CA Program subjects while not in employment
  • Start CA Program subjects while completing your final bridging units
  • Use Flexible Pathways to access the CA Program without an accredited degree
  • Start mentored practical experience before, during, or after commencing the GradDipCA
  • Benefit from the improved CA Foundations Pathway and study concurrent CA Program subjects.

Study the GradDipCA while not in employment

You can study the CA Program even if you are not in approved employment*. 

This added flexibility suits a range of candidates who are not currently in approved employment, including:

  • graduates who have completed their degree but not yet started work
  • candidates on parental or extended leave 
  • candidates returning to the workforce.
* Before being eligible for full CA membership, you are still required to complete three years mentored practical experience (MPE) while being employed by an approved employer.

Start CA Program subjects while completing your final bridging units

If you have completed your degree, you can start CA Program core subjects while completing your final bridging units via CA Foundations, or an accredited tertiary course.

Please note that specific prerequisite units associated with individual CA Program core subjects must be completed before you can enrol in each core subject.

No accredited degree? No worries. Access the CA Program via our Flexible Pathways

We know every CA candidate’s circumstances are unique. Our Flexible Pathways are designed to help candidates from diverse backgrounds and educational experiences to start their Chartered Accountant education journey, no matter where it began. 

For example, you can now start CA Foundations  if you have: 

  • undertaken undergraduate studies in a discipline other than accounting or business
  • an accounting or business diploma from a Polytech or TAFE, or other government registered higher education provider

Start MPE before, during or after commencing the GradDipCA

MPE can be undertaken before, during or after completing the required CA Program formal education component. To qualify for full CA membership, candidates must complete both components within the maximum eight-year provisional membership period.

Prior experience can be recognised to a maximum of 12 months total and the experience must have been gained within the past six years.

Accredited tertiary courses

Accredited tertiary courses

Benefit from the improved CA Foundations Pathway

CA ANZ has partnered with Deakin University to offer a refreshed CA Foundations entry pathway for candidates who need a bridging course to access the CA Program.

CA Foundations

Study concurrent subjects in the CA Program

The CA Program offers both employers and candidates a modular, flexible approach to subject choice and scheduling. Candidates can enrol in more than one subject in the CA Program at the same time, subject to timetable restrictions. For more information, refer to the CA Program timetable.

CA Program timetable

CA Program timetable

CA Program overview

CA Program overview

CA Foundations

Find out more about CA Foundations

Find out moreAbout CA Foundations

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