CA Study Masterclass

Set yourself up for success in your CA program journey with CA Study Masterclass.

Our CA Study Masterclass is an immersive and hands on program designed to give you additional support and confidence during your studies. The CA Study Masterclass is offered as optional, virtual workshops, developed and endorsed by CA ANZ, to help you succeed in the completion of the CA program.

We recognise that you may work in a complex, time-consuming role and might need extra study assistance at times. We are here to help keep you on track with your studies. 

How can CA Study Masterclass help me?

CA Study Masterclass is for you if you are:

  • completing a subject which you're less familiar with or don't have regular exposure to in your role. The content is based on real world case studies to assist you in applying your CA program knowledge in practical settings.
  • looking to enhance your subject knowledge and skills. The CA Study Masterclass is the only study support that is endorsed by CA ANZ. Workshops are built and run by experienced, trained and endorsed CA facilitators.
  • committed to succeed on your first attempt at a subject. 
  • managing additional commitments outside work and need a more focused and practical approach to complete the subject you're enrolled in. You can choose the workshop to best suit your location and lifestyle.

You can still enrol in CA Study Masterclass even if you have already enrolled in your subject. CA Study Masterclass registrations close the Thursday before the first session, for both the series and intensive options. Download the timetable for more information. 

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Login to My Capability to enrol in your subject’s CA Study Masterclass.

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Flexible workshops

CASM Course Delivery Options

You can choose from two workshop delivery options:

1. Series

Full study support through 2 or 3 workshops, usually consisting of one or two x 3 hour workshops and one x 5, 6 or 7 hour workshop.

The full workshop series includes:

  • Review and revisit of challenging topics being taught on the subject
  • Practice questions, answers and study aids with experienced facilitators
  • Preparation for the mid-term assessment
  • Practice for the final assessment (in the final workshop)
  • Additional on-demand recordings
  • Access to discussion boards

2. Intensive

A dedicated preparation session for the subject’s final assessment through one x 5, 6 or 7 hours workshop. The intensive-only option:

  • Focuses on the final elements of the subject, including the final assessment
  • Includes practice for the final assessment and a debrief with the facilitator.

Enrol in CA Study Masterclass

Log into My CA and follow the steps above to enrol in CA Study Masterclass.

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How to enrol in CA Study Masterclass

  1. Login to My Capability and select Program and Subjects to start your enrolment.
  2. Navigate to My Enrolments and select ‘View next’ to your enrolled module. You will need to be currently enrolled in a module to enrol in CA Study Masterclass.
  3. Click Masterclass at the top of this page and select your CA Study Masterclass workshop.
  4. Follow the prompts to process your registration. Ensure you select the correct option for your state/location as incorrect selections may lead to missing out on a placement.