Become an ACA

NOTE: Entry to the ACA College closes on 30 June 2018

In brief

  • Be part of a recognised academic program. Entry to the program closes from 30 June 2018
  • Gain training in professional ethics through the Professional Ethics Module
  • Complete practical experience

ACA College update

Entry to the ACA College will be closed to new members from 30 June 2018. Current Provisional ACA members and ACA Students will have additional time to complete the entry requirements if they are already part way through.

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Key elements

Build on your undergraduate degree in accounting and become an Associate Chartered Accountant. 

You need to complete two key components:

  • Training in professional ethics by completing the Professional Ethics Module
  • A practical experience component

Course elements

  • Professional Ethics Module

    Acting and working in an ethical way is a core expectation of the accounting profession. To support this, training in professional ethics is a compulsory part of the course requirements for the Associate Chartered Accountant designation.

    The Professional Ethics module takes approximately 50 hours or five weeks of study online. It requires an assignment marked by a tutor and an exam. The course is offered in partnership with trusted external provider, UK-based Home Learning College, and consists of one tutor marked assignment and one examination.

  • Practical experience requirements

    You need to complete a year of relevant accounting employment followed by a year of approved accounting employment. Both can be completed before, during or after completion of the academic requirements.

    Your role must be the equivalent of at least 6 weeks full-time employment. Full-time employment is defined as 35 hours or more per week. If you choose to work the minimum requirement of 17.5 hours per week, your role would need to be a least three months long.

  • Relevant accounting employment

    You need to complete the equivalent of one year full-time relevant accounting employment. This experience needs to be signed off by a supervisor or manager and reviewed by a CA who has been a member for at least five years.

    This role must provide a depth of experience in at least one of the following areas:

    • financial accounting
    • auditing
    • general practice
    • management accounting
    • taxation
    • financial management
    • financial advice
    • treasury
    • academia
    • information systems
    • comparable sub-divisions of accounting.
  • Approved accounting employment

    After completing one year of relevant accounting employment, you need to complete the equivalent of one year full-time approved accounting employment.

    Approved accounting employment is completed at an Approved Training Employer (ATE) under the guidance of a Chartered Accountants ANZ registered mentor.

    Your mentor will be a CA or ACA who is a member of Chartered Accountants ANZ or another GAA body and is registered with Chartered Accountants ANZ as a mentor. If you don’t have a suitable mentor where you work, you can nominate an external mentors for consideration.

  • Competencies

    To be an ACA you need to develop technical competence to an Intermediate level in one of the following areas:

    • academia
    • accounting information systems
    • auditing
    • external reporting
    • financial management
    • financial advice
    • insolvency and reconstructions
    • management accounting
    • taxation.

    You also need to develop non-technical competence to an Intermediate level in all of the following areas:

    • teamwork
    • organisational skills
    • research and evaluation
    • decision making
    • exercising ethical and professional behaviour
    • communication and interpersonal skills.

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