The Chartered Accountants Program

Combining formal study and practical experience to develop both technical and professional skills.

Applications for Term 2 of the CA Program close on 26 April 2019

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  • The CA Program will develop your technical knowledge and professional skills through applied postgraduate learning and mentored practical experience
  • Incorporating online learning for the technical modules and a blended learning approach for the capstone module – making it easier to balance work commitments with your studies

CA Program Structure

The Program is comprised of two components:

  1. The accredited Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA)
  2. Three years of mentored practical experience

The accredited Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting comprises of five modules: four technical modules and a final Capstone module. Candidates must pass all four technical modules (in any order) to be eligible to enrol in the Capstone module.

We offer a trimester model, with 3 terms per year. From 3 August 2018, candidates will be able to enrol in more than one CA technical module at the same time* (*timetable and employer dependent).

*Please note: Before applying to study more than one module at a time, candidates are encouraged to discuss this with their employer. Employers need to be able to manage their teams and workloads and have visibility over candidates’ study program and schedule. Employers are also entitled to limit the amount of study an employee can do through their internal study leave conditions and/or arrangements.  

To see the full break down of modules and pathways into the CA Program download the CA Program Brochure.

On successful completion of the five Modules, candidates will be awarded the accredited Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting.

To successfully complete the full CA Program, candidates also need to complete 3 years of mentored practical experience. 

Mentored Practical Experience 

An essential part of your journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant is the three year mentored practical experience component. You can begin this component before, during or after your Graduate Diploma studies, but you must complete 3 years of mentored practical experience within the maximum 8-year provisional membership period before you can qualify for full CA membership.

Your CA qualified mentor will help you set you on the path to success and provide you with the guidance and insight that only comes from someone who has already successfully negotiated the challenges of the modern business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CA Difference?

    1. It's the global quality benchmark, and your passport to an international career

    Chartered Accountants ANZ is the only accounting body in Australia and New Zealand that is a member of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) - an exclusive collection of 10 of the leading accounting bodies from around the world, with over 1,000,000 members worldwide. 

    As a result, CA ANZ is the only Australian and New Zealand accounting designation that enjoys reciprocal membership with England and the USA's leading accounting bodies - ICAEW and AICPA and others across the globe. This recognition, along with the internationally recognised Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA) gained on completion of the CA Program, provides you with the opportunity to work in exciting environments across the world.

    2. It opens up exciting and extraordinary career opportunities

    As a Chartered Accountant you will be valued and sought after by top employers across countries, industries and professions. That's why 99 of the 100 Best Global Brands employ Chartered Accountants*.

    * Source: CAW, 2016; Interbrand – Best Global Brands, 2015.

    3. You will gain the globally recognised postgraduate qualification (GradDipCA)

    Become a Chartered Accountant, and not only will you gain a professional designation but you’ll also hold an accredited and internationally recognised postgraduate qualification the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA). 

    That’s because Chartered Accountants ANZ is the only professional accounting body in Australia recognised as a Higher Education Provider and regulated by TEQSA. This means that the educational quality of the CA Program meets the Australian Higher Education standards.


  • CA Program Entry Requirements

    1. Academic Requirements

    To be eligible to for entry into the CA Program, you need to have a degree-level qualification which is recognised by us, such as:

    • An accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree. This means that your degree covers prerequisite subjects in key competency areas, and ensures you meet all prior knowledge requirements for the CA Program modules. 
    • A degree which hasn't been accredited by us, but is considered to be the equivalent to an Australian or New Zealand degree (level 7 or higher) with coverage of required competence areas
    • An overseas qualification that has been assessed and recognised by us

    If you don’t meet the academic requirements, you can bridge any knowledge or competency gaps by completing an accredited conversion course or our CA Foundations pathway.

    2. Practical experience requirements

    CA Program candidates must also complete three years of approved employment.  Approved employment is recognised when you are:

    • Working in a relevant accounting role with an Approved or Recognised Training Employer
    • Working for at least 17.5 hours per week for a period of three months or longer
    • Under the guidance of a recognised mentor (further information on this can be found below under ‘Mentored Practical Experience’

    3. Study the CA Program whilst not in employment

    From 3 August 2018, candidates can study the CA Program modules whilst not in approved, mentored employment. Previously all candidates needed to be in employment with an approved organisation, under the guidance of a CA mentor whilst concurrently completing their CA Program studies. This change enables candidates to accrue the three years of practical experience required for CA membership before, during or after they complete their CA Program study. This added flexibility may suit a range of candidates who find themselves out of approved employment including graduates who have completed their degree but not yet commenced work; candidates on parental or extended leave or candidates returning to the workforce.

  • Mentored Practical Experience

    In order to qualify for full membership, you must also complete three years of mentored practical experience under the guidance of a recognised CA mentor.

    Your CA mentor will supervise and support your progress during the practical experience part of the Chartered Accountants Program. The ideal mentor is an experienced Chartered Accountant who works for your employer. If this isn’t an option you can request an external CA mentor, as long as they meet the Program’s requirements.

    Mentors must be an experienced full CA member, either with Chartered Accountants ANZ or a member of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) body which CA ANZ has a full recognition agreement with.

  • Required Documentation for Applying

    When completing the application for Provisional Membership, you are required to upload a certified copy of your University Transcript, as well as proof of your completed degree. This means you are required to submit proof of all units completed successfully and proof of your degree obtained (i.e. Bachelor of Commerce). Without both, we will be unable to approve your application for Provisional Membership. More information on approved degrees can be found above in Entry Requirements.

    Further information on who can certify your documents can be found as a downloadable PDF below.

  • Provisional Membership

    In order to commence the Chartered Accountants Program, you first must apply and be approved as a Provisional Member of Chartered Accountants ANZ.

    As a Provisional Member, you’ll have access to a range of benefits and tools that you can use to improve your skills, make new contacts and set yourself up for success. This includes events and training sessions, access to thought leadership, and lifestyle and business discounts through our business partners. Provisional Membership also gains you access to our community of members across the globe, offering support and connectivity across a range of countries and industries.

  • Chartered Accountants Program Policies
    All documents, policies and procedures relating to the Chartered Accountants Program can be found here.