What our people say about working at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Kimberly Philp CA

Kimberly Philp CA"The best part about my job is the people – we have lots to do and we all work together, collaborating to achieve outcomes. CA ANZ has an inclusive approach to remote working which I believe is so crucial in these uncertain times to make us all feel connected. We are a people-first organisation which echoes our member-centric approach. There are ample opportunities for growth and development in a supportive environment. What more could you ask for?"
Kimberly Philp CA

Lauren Smyth

Lauren Smyth"Working at CA is amazing, I've felt welcomed since the week I started. There is a good social aspect, and the support you receive for your mental and physical health is great. The opportunities are incredible. I've been here just on 8 months now and I've been offered a scholarship and ongoing support for the fulltime study I balance throughout the year - both of my leaders have pushed me through to new challenges."
Lauren Smyth

Shrini Rao

Shrini Rao"My experience working at CA ANZ has been very rewarding – in two years I've been promoted twice, and I've met some great people who I've collaborated with to deliver high value projects. Every day I'm inspired by the support I receive from my peers and leaders. If you are interested in joining an organisation which is on a transformation journey with IT practices and technology stack and ready to join a team of driven individuals look no further!"
Shrini Rao

Matthew Collins FCA

Matthew Collins FCA"The culture at CA ANZ is professional, fun and inclusive. It's a dynamic environment where you can create or become involved in as many opportunities as you desire. The best part about my job is working with passionate people to deliver excellent experiences to stakeholders internationally. Come join us to play an important part in shaping the future for some of the world's best professionals; we'll support you, your ideas and your career!"
Matthew Collins FCA

Why our people say it's great to work here*

  • 90% of our people know how their work contributes to our goals
  • 93% of our people say flexible working enhances their ability to perform their role
  • 83 % of our people believe they can be their genuine self at work

*From our June 2021 employee engagement survey.

We asked our people what they liked most about working at CA ANZ. Here's what they said:

At CA ANZ we support our people with a flexible working environment

"I enjoy the work life balance I have while working at CA ANZ, the ability to work from home when needed, FLEXIBLE options available, the culture and treating everyone with respect."

"FLEXIBLE working arrangements introduced have been amazing. I love having the FLEXIBILITY to work in the office but also from home if I need to."

"The respect and support we can receive from the MANAGERs. The fact that CA ANZ is an organised structure with clear values and a genuine concern for its members. The work life balance and FLEXIBLE ways of working."

At CA ANZ our leaders are inclusive and inspire teams to work collaboratively

"Loving the new direction. With the strategy in place, and clear technology direction, the best Executive LEADERSHIP group and alignment I've seen in a long time, it's created a really positive and exciting opportunity and workplace."

"The interactions in the office between our TEAM - it's always been about the people for me... great ideas often come up in casual relaxed conversations rather than formal meetings!"

"Great TEAM collaboration, positive working environment, interesting and varied work, love the member connection, FLEXIBILITY."

At CA ANZ we're building a difference-making culture

"I'm excited about the 5-year strategic roadmap and feel very supported by my TEAM, MANAGER, executive TEAM member to be able to both be challenged as well as have opportunities to contribute to real tangible value-adding initiatives."

"The reward: the ability to make a DIFFERENCE to the future for our members, our TEAMs and individuals and for me."

"I really enjoy the positive member culture and the opportunity to make a DIFFERENCE in our members days, careers and lives. I believe that most TEAM members in CA also understand that DIFFERENCE makers privilege and are dedicated to impacting their members and communities they serve."

"The people here are great, strong TEAM work ethics, project sharing, ongoing opportunities, confidence building, know how to enjoy their job and have fun all while kicking goals. Creating an environment where people are accountable and helping shape people to become decisions makers. Looking at people's strengths and optimizing their passions and capabilities. Many mentors and opportunities to grow and learn - building a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise. Loving the feeling of start ups in an established organisation, constant new beginnings."

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