Financial Controller: Recruitment guide

Find out what skills and capabilities you should be looking for when hiring a Financial Controller that’ll make a difference to your business.

According to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand's CA Capability model, an ideal Financial Controller candidate should possess the skills and capabilities listed in the checklist below. The CA Capability was developed to inform and guide the accounting profession after extensive academic research and consultation with the profession in Australia and New Zealand.


The candidate should have the experience to:

  • Drive results by ensuring individuals and the team deliver on critical priorities and milestones
  • Act as a change agent, supporting the design, execution and evaluation of transformation and then encouraging people to embrace change
  • Mentor others to improve performance and encourage learning
  • Establish systematic approaches to support innovation and improvement
  • Communicate a compelling sense of vision and purpose that inspires others


The candidate should have the skills to:

  • Plan and coordinate team responsibilities and activities
  • Build trust and instil confidence by open discussions and feedback sessions
  • Participate in cross-functional initiatives and encourage team to cultivate relationships across the organisation
  • Develop decision criteria that considers multiple options for action and impact
  • Review technological skills and capabilities required by your team
  • Assure the privacy, security and compliance of digital information and data


The candidate should have the skills to:

  • Oversee the preparation of primary financial reporting statements including consolidated accounts in accordance with IFRS or other standards as appropriate
  • Advise on appropriate auditor's report to be issued in accordance with National Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and demonstrate awareness of the codes of professional conduct for the finance industry
  • Develop risk management frameworks to mitigate finance risk
  • Evaluate business plans and financial position of the organisation
  • Advise on business valuations, investment appraisals and mergers and acquisitions
  • Recommend automated tools, including data analytics, artificial intelligence and techniques to improve audit quality and efficiency


The candidate should have the ability to:

  • Consistently model ethical and professional standards of integrity
  • Ensure your team behave ethically and complies with principles of the IFAC Code of Ethics
  • Employ sound logic, data and reasons to support professional judgments
  • Empower others to use their initiative and improve work methods and processes

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