Hire a Difference Maker in your company

A Chartered Accountant can make a difference at various stages during the growth of your business and may be that trusted employee you need to take your company to the next level. Whether you're looking to scale and grow, launch new products / services, enter new markets, or minimise risk; hiring a Chartered Accountant could be your competitive advantage.

By specifying that candidates must be a "Chartered Accountant" in your next business and/or finance job ad, you'll be on your way to ensuring you're hiring a professional that has the capabilities, skills, perspective and knowledge to make a difference to your business.

To help you find a Difference Maker, we've prepared the following hiring guides and sample interview questions.

What makes CAs Difference Makers

Discover what makes Chartered Accountants special and see examples of how they have helped to make a difference to the businesses, organisations and communities in which they work and live.

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