Supporting the new CA Program

With the introduction of the new CA Program in 2021, the need for casual employees and contractors to fill key roles within the CA Program remains as important as ever.

The new CA Program brings exciting opportunities to get involved in facilitating and supporting new subjects and masterclasses. The current program will also continue to run concurrently until Term 2, 2022, so we will continue to engage facilitators, markers and others to support this transition.

For positions where the skill and experience requirements of the new Program are equivalent to those in the existing program, existing casuals and contractors will automatically be transitioned to the workforce pool supporting the new Program (as well as continuing to support teach out of the current program). For other new positions, expressions of interest will be sought, and individuals assessed based on their suitability for the new roles.

More information about the new CA Program and associated CA Study Masterclasses (CASMs) is set out below.

Hello Future: The new CA Program

The new CA Program consists of seven core subject and a pool of elective subjects. Subjects are run across four terms in each year giving candidates flexibility with more choice, more often.

CA Program

CA Study Masterclass (CASM)

CA Study Masterclass for the new CA Program is targeted support study for candidates, helping them scale their learning journey, catering to their individual circumstances and ultimately supporting candidates on their path to the CA Qualification.

CASM is run within the cadence of the CA Program and supports all subjects except Core 1: Ethics and Business and Core 7: Integrated Chartered Accounting Practice.

CA Program

Find out more on the detail behind the GradDipCA and CASM:

Hello Future: The new CA Program launch
New CA Program Subjects
New CA Program Timetable
CASM for the new CA Program

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