Review (update) and appeal

A review and appeal can be requested if you hold a valid skills assessment application with CA ANZ.

A review application can be requested for the following reason:  

  • update an existing application with additional details 

An appeal application can be requested if you would like to dispute the decision. You believe the assessment outcome is incorrect, and an error has been made.  

What you should know before applying for a review or appeal of skills assessment  

  • A review fee is payable for all review (update) assessments.
  • Your application with CA ANZ is valid for three (3) years from the date of your initial skills assessment outcome. Your initial skills assessment outcome must be valid to apply for a review/update or appeal. Any subsequent review (update) will not reset the expiration date of an application.  
  • After the expiry of the three (3) year validity period, you may apply for a new skills assessment and pay the relevant assessment fee. Any such skills assessment application would be based on the entry requirements at that time and would take into consideration any additional tertiary/professional qualification completed in the interim. 
  • Your skills assessment outcome letter (including outcome letter of review/update application) is valid with New Zealand Immigration for three (3) years from the date of issue
  • If you believe the assessment outcome is incorrect and, an error has been made, an appeal can only be submitted within 60 days from the date of your skills assessment outcome letter. You must include detailed reasons why you believe the original outcome is incorrect. No additional or altered documentation can be submitted. An appeal will be assessed by a different or senior assessor within CA ANZ who was not involved in the original outcome. The assessor will re-assess all documentation with particular focus on the comments and reasons you provided on your appeal application. If the appeal identifies that an error has been made that affects the skills assessment outcome, CA ANZ will issue a revised skills assessment outcome. An appeal fee is payable and will be refunded if the appeal is successful. 

Apply now for a review or appeal of skills assessment

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