Governance Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

An independent Governance Review found our governance structure was fundamentally sound and fit for purpose and a set of recommendations was provided to ensure governance continues to represent the best interests of Members now and in the future.

Some of the recommendations made in the independent review require changes to the Royal Charter and By-Laws to be put into effect. The Royal Charter and By-Laws can only be changed by a Member vote and Royal assent by the Governor-General.

When is it happening?

A Member vote is anticipated in 2019 to approve the proposed recommendations to the Royal Charter and By-Laws. Royal assent from the Australian Governor-General is then required and once this has been received, the changes will come into effect immediately. There will then be a period of transition to implement all of the required changes.

What has the process looked like?

Members have been consulted throughout the independent Governance Review process through face to face interviews and online feedback forms that were made available through the website. The Board appointed the Member Governance Advisory Group (MGAG) to provide a Member perspective, input and assistance.

Why the delay, the merger was a few years ago?

Following endorsement of the recommendations in September 2017, work on implementation was put on hold to allow for the completion of the consultation on a refreshed strategy.

What are the next steps?

All recommendations affecting the Royal Charter and By-Laws will be implemented if approved by Members. All other recommendations affecting process improvements will be implemented during a transition period after the vote


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