Segment Advisory Committees

Our Segment Advisory Committees play a vital role, representing members across Australia and New Zealand

Segment Advisory Committees provide a member voice on the key issues and needs of members in the professional segment they represent – from public practice and commerce through to charities and the not-for-profit sector.

As a committee member, you’ll have the chance to work with management to proactively assist members through support, education, and the development of resources and tools to help them grow and thrive in their respective fields.

Our segment advisory committees aim to:

  • Provide advice to management on current and emerging issues facing members within their segment
  • Make recommendations on initiatives, products and services being developed and delivered to support members
  • Monitor new initiatives for relevance and value and offer feedback on the execution of those initiatives
  • Offer feedback on the effectiveness of management’s engagement with members within their segment and suggest plans or strategies to address any issues
  • Liaise with Regional Councils and Local Leadership Teams to support the local implementation of products and services
  • Communicate and engage with all member segments at a local level.

Find the segment committee where you can make a difference:

Public Practice
  • Chair - Michael Rondel FCA
  • Vice-Chair - Simon Graetz FCA
Corporate Sector
  • Chair - Simon Jones CA
  • Vice-Chair - Peter Dikranis CA
Charities and Not for Profit
  • Chair - Kerry Hicks FCA
  • Vice-Chair - Julia Fletcher CA

If you would like more information about Segment Advisory Committees, or would like to become involved, please contact Catherine Kennedy -

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