Date posted: 29/08/2019

Tikanga and a better you

Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere. Engari, ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao - For the one who consumes only within their surroundings, that will be their domain. For the one who engages in education, opportunities are boundless.

Culture is a fundamental foundation that guides behaviours and actions – being a better you is about bringing your identity with you, whether it is socially with your whānau, family, and friend networks, or commercially within business or your workplace.

For Māori, tikanga is an essential cornerstone that links the importance of identity, culture, whānau, family, and is a strong source of pride, hauora, well-being, and connectedness.

The significance of tikanga has never changed but the macro economy within Aotearoa, New Zealand has significantly changed, particularly over the last 25 years. Recent change drivers including Treaty settlements, means that Māori today, face both opportunities and challenges as whanau, iwi, and hapū, carefully balance the role as custodians of large, and growing, asset portfolios, whilst upholding tikanga.

The importance of education, financial literacy, Accounting, and tikanga, therefore becomes paramount as we are presented with interesting considerations – financially investing and developing Māori assets in order to resource future educational, Te Reo Rangatira Māori language, social, cultural, commercial, kaitiakitanga, and environmental endeavours to name only a few.

Chartered Accountants ANZ is privileged to work with over 117,000 accounting, finance, and business leaders worldwide, including an amazing and diverse group of Members. Our sameness is underpinned through our brand and CA designation – but it is also about recognising our differences, the importance of identity, education, and being a better You.

Ka nui te mihi mahana ki a koe e te tuakana, Joe Hanita

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