Inclusion & Diversity Survey 2021

Your perspective. Our future. At Chartered Accountants ANZ, we’re inviting all members to share their views in our inaugural Inclusion & Diversity Survey.

As a global professional body, we recognise the importance of inclusion and diversity in creating a world-class member experience and ensuring a sustainable future for the profession.

As part of our strategic roadmap to 2025, we are committed to developing an inclusion and diversity strategy that is based on input from our entire membership base. The survey is open to all members until 19 August 2021.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Survey focuses on four key areas:

Inclusive culture:

Exploring your organisation’s workplace culture relating to inclusion and diversity; and understanding how much you feel a sense of belonging, safety and respect at work.

Inclusive careers:

Understanding your experiences relating to recruitment and career progression.

Inclusive leadership:

Examining the capability of leaders to seek perspectives different from their own to make decisions, drawing on the contributions of diverse team members, and who are role models for inclusion.

Diversity demographics:

Better understanding the diversity profile of our profession e.g. including age, gender identity, cultural background or ethnicity etc.

We understand that this involves the sharing of sensitive information, all responses are anonymous and untracked by CA ANZ or the third-party data research provider, Kantar administering the Survey on behalf of CA ANZ. To find out more about how CA ANZ collects, uses and discloses personal information, please read our Privacy Collection Statement and CA ANZ's Privacy Policy.

You will have access to the survey on this webpage from 29 July 2021 and a link to take part will be emailed directly to you. To access the survey via email, please visit My CA to make sure your email address is up to date and that you are opted in to receive emails.

Why are we running an Inclusion & Diversity Survey?

To enhance the profession

Research by McKinsey and Deloitte spanning several decades found that organisations with an inclusive culture have shown themselves to outperform their competitors, exceed financial targets and achieve better business outcomes.

Undertaking this research and prioritising an inclusion and diversity strategy for CA ANZ will help identify opportunities to attract and retain diverse talent, which is essential to ensure a sustainable and thriving future for the profession.

To better respond to member needs

By understanding our inclusion and diversity membership profile, we aim to create a world-class experience, where we deeply understand what is required to fully support our members and help shape the design of our future service offering, so that members can continue to make a difference to the communities in which they live and work.

Better respond to member needs

To understand inclusion gaps

Understanding if there are any inclusion, fairness or equality gaps within our membership base and in the broader profession will help shape CA ANZ’s future thought leadership and advocacy work.

We want to provide a true compass for organisations to do the right thing and help Chartered Accountants apply the highest ethical standards. Creating inclusive, safe and respectful experiences for members, businesses and the communities in which they operate across Australia and New Zealand.

What are we hoping to achieve from this research

  • Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

    While we have specific programs in place to support our Indigenous, Māori and Young CA sectors, we would like to take a more holistic approach that is relevant to all members of the community. This strategy will inform our service offering and offer guidance on thought leadership and advocacy to advance the profession by applying high ethical standards.

  • Representation of Diverse Talent

    Diversity of background, knowledge, skills and experience are needed to make a difference to communities. We want to ensure that our diverse membership base continues to be represented in the profession so that the sector continues to prosper.

  • World-class experience for all

    To create a world-class experience so that members have equal access to the tools and resources that meet the needs of every individual and addresses any current gaps in our service offering.

  • Sustainability of the Profession

    To create a sustainable future for the profession by ensuring that we can provide support and resources to attract and retain outstanding and diverse talent.

  • Accountability

    Chartered Accountants know the actions of today will be judged by the standards of tomorrow, as a profession, we will remain accountable to continue this commitment to strengthen our inclusion and diversity strategies.

How will the results be used?

The results of this survey will be used to inform CA ANZ’s inclusion and diversity strategy, create advocacy and thought leadership for the industry, including accounting practices that are informed by inclusive design principles.

The data will also be used to inform the development of our future service offering to ensure that we are supporting and meeting the inclusion and accessibility needs of our members.

All responses are anonymous and untracked by Chartered Accountants ANZ or the data agency administering the Survey on behalf of Chartered Accountants ANZ. To find out more about how CA ANZ collects, uses and discloses personal information, please read our Privacy Collection Statement and Chartered Accountants ANZ’s Privacy Policy.

What is CA ANZ doing to support inclusion and diversity?

Here at CA ANZ, we are on our own journey of inclusion and diversity. As an organisation, CA ANZ has undertaken an internal inclusions and diversity audit of our own workforce and a training series on inclusion and diversity for all employees.
We will be setting a benchmark of commitment as we aim to ensure a safe, respectful and inclusive culture of Difference Makers and we ask our members and the broader profession to join us on that journey.

Find out moreAbout What is CA ANZ doing to support inclusion and diversity?

Frequently Asked Questions

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CA ANZ Privacy Collection Statement

To find out more about how CA ANZ collects, uses and discloses personal information, please read our Privacy Collection Statement and Chartered Accountants ANZ’s Privacy Policy.

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