Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at CA ANZ

Mission Statement / Aims

As a global professional body, we recognise the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in creating a world-class member experience and ensuring a sustainable future for the profession. At Chartered Accountants ANZ, our aim is to build an equitable profession that is known for inclusion and where diversity of background, experience and thinking is valued.



Why is it so important?

  • Sustainable future for the profession
  • A catalyst for growth
  • Positive experiences for all
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What is CA ANZ trying to achieve?

  • Inclusive Culture: Influencing our profession workplace culture relating to inclusion and diversity; and driving a sense of belonging, safety and respect in the accounting profession
  • Inclusive Careers: Creating a more equitable lived experience for all parts of our member community relating to recruitment and career progression
  • Inclusive Leadership: Building the capability of leaders in our profession to seek perspectives different from their own to make decisions, drawing on the contributions of diverse team members, and who are role models for inclusion.


How we’re going to achieve it

It’s time to make a difference. Chartered Accountants know the actions of today will be judged by the standards of tomorrow. As your professional body, we are committed to change and want to support you by providing practical solutions to help you combat the inclusion and diversity challenges in your workplace.